Ye Olde CN Games – Captain Planet and the Robots of Zarm (incomplete)

While the game can be played to the end with some Flashpoint adjusting, stages 2 – 7 have graphic issues as six PCT files are missing. If anyone has them, let me know!!

Jump codes:
Stage 2: FLUME
Stage 3: REPEL
Stage 4: CHASM
Stage 5: MAGMA
Stage 7: TOXIN

Good ‘ol Cartoon Network games, with some amateur gameplay shown here using Flashpoint Infinity 6.0.

Game Type: Shockwave
Game File Source: Dcr file from Cartoon Network website via Wayback Machine (
Status in Flashpoint: Incomplete in Flashpoint 7.1


Q1) What is Flashpoint?

A1) It is a webgame preservation project by BlueMaxima that aims to collect as many web browser games and animations as possible before they are lost forever due to the phasing out of programs such as Shockwave Player and eventually, Flash Player.

Q2) How can I help?

A2) There are several ways, the most common being:

a. Spread the word to get more people to help contribute to the project
b. Search and curate requested games by others, which if successful, will result in the game being added to Flashpoint.
c. Testing games which have/haven’t been added to Flashpoint and report any bugs/missing files

You can visit their Discord page via the link from if you have any questions. That website also contains other useful links, such as the Game Master List, which states the existing games in Flashpoint so far and upcoming ones.

The Game Request List states all the requested games others have put up so far. You can download the Flashpoint program itself as well if you just want to play the games too.

Game Master List:
Game Request List:
Flashpoint Download:

Q3) What do you mean by “curate”?

A3) In short, it means you find a website that contains the game/animation and download the relevant files (e.g. dcr files for Shockwave games & swf files for Flash games). These will be opened with a Flashpoint program such as Flashpoint Core to test whether the game/animation works.

If they work, several files such as gameplay screenshots, text file containing the launch commands etc. are required to be placed into a ZIP file and uploaded to the relevant section of the Discord page, where they will be vetted by the experienced team there, and if successful, will be added to the newer Flashpoint version.

If you wish to help curate games, pls watch this video first in the link below, which will teach you how to curate the games you’ve found before submitting them for approval. Again, if you are still unsure, the folks at Discord will be able to help you!

Curation Guide:

Q4) According to the Game Master List, this game should be in Flashpoint but I can’t find it!

A4) If you’ve downloaded Flashpoint Infinity, take note that it doesn’t contain all the games in the Game Master List. For example, if the game you’re looking for is a Shockwave game: at the main screen of the program, you will see a section called “Upgrades”. Click the download button for “Other technologies”. For Flashpoint Infinity 6.1, it is about 900 MB. Once that is done, restart the program and the Shockwave games will appear.

Q5) I want to play this game, but it’s neither in Flashpoint nor the Game Master List!

A5) This means that game has not been added to Flashpoint yet. If there are games you want to be in Flashpoint, you can either wait for it to appear in later versions, or put up a request using the link in Q2. Note that to edit the Google Doc file, you need to request permission first.

Even if you have been granted editing privileges, pls check whether the game you want has already been requested before. Do not search by the specific name only. For example, if you are looking for the game “Scooby-Doo: Horror of the High Seas Episode 1 – The Ghost Pirate Attacks!”, try searching “Scooby Doo”, “Scooby-Doo”, “Ghost Pirate” etc.

This is because some game websites name them differently (e.g. Tom and Jerry: Food Fight is aka Tom and Jerry: Food Free-For-All). Curators who tested the games may also name them differently (e.g. the Scooby-Doo game mentioned above was named as “Scooby Doo Ghost Ship Episode One”).

Q6) Hey, this game isn’t from the Cartoon Network websites!

A6) Though some games came from other websites (e.g. some Scooby-Doo games originated from Warner Bros website), the cartoon characters in these games have appeared in Cartoon Network before, and are therefore included.

If you have more questions, check out Flashpoint’s FAQ page:


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  1. Miss playing this game it use to be on the cartoon network Boomerang website. I wish it was still there.

  2. For some reason, this game went through my mind recently and I just HAD to play it. Thanks for posting this!

  3. I played that. Never beat the last level though

  4. Better to watch someone play this than players like me who find it to be too hard

  5. came across this video by chance and i'm curious if you've tried the wayback machine. in theory if you could find a site that hosted it and get a snapshot from that time, couldn't you just pull a full version from there? Or perhaps recreate the 4 missing files based off what's there now? personally I loved this game as a kid and would love to see it preserved.

    EDIT: of course it helps if I actually read the full description. would it not be possible to just recreate the background files based off what's already there?

  6. god I loved this game who else wishes they could go back and relive that nostalgia

  7. I miss old CN

  8. Can you provide a link to download the game please? Can't find it online anywhere.

  9. I haven't seen this game since I was little. I loved playing this game. 🙂

  10. Thanks for posting this! I have two of the background pcts If you want them.

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