Wii Sports Golf: 9 Holes -22 (Theoretical Score)

*Please Note: This is NOT the world Record of Wii Sports Golf.*

In this video, I get the lowest score possible you can obtain in Wii Sports Golf. It’s pretty impossible that someone might actually legitimately, so I put together separate videos where I actually get the highlights I make. I feel like I’m the second user on YouTube to do so.

Believe it or not, this is the hardest thing I ever had to do in Wii Sports. Holes 2, 5, and 8 were definitely the harder holes to get the Chip-In and Hole-In-Ones on. Luckily, Holes 7 and 6 were the first highlights that I got on film. Overall, I felt like this was a very hard thing to do, but It’s now done and I’m very proud of this video. Hope everyone will love it!

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  1. Mr. Nicklaus I didn't know you played Wii Golf ?

  2. Her: “I like a man that takes risks.”
    Me: 1:07


  4. Do wii sports resort golf next

  5. Me and my friends playing the Wii:
    My friend: ugh I can’t even get to the green

  6. Thought this was going to be a TAS

  7. Bruh was I the only one that didn’t realize that there was a patch of fairway on #3?

  8. Tengo la polla como el cañon de un tanque después de ver este video

  9. Albatross > Double Eagle

  10. This is great man

  11. Anyone here from Dolan Dark?

  12. you don't get to rush this


  14. why am i watching this at 3 am?

  15. When you forget your putter at home 🤣

  16. So insane, but extraordinary!

  17. Abby was practicing it seems

  18. last of us 2 looking great

  19. This guy is so good

  20. Guys. I uploaded a new video similar to this one, except the game is Clubhouse Games 51 World Classics! Go check it out as my video is the successor of this video!

  21. This video makes me so mad

  22. Als ob das gehen würde😊😂

  23. The only hole I've ever been able to get a hole in one is the fourth hole. I always try aiming for the sand bunkers to avoid the water.

  24. How to have the least amount of strokes in your life.

  25. I love those little practice swings you do before you actually hit the golf ball.

  26. You can’t suck at putting if you never have to putt.

  27. Why do I watch this at 3:50 am 🤣

  28. 2020 and I see this on my recommended

  29. double Eagle

  30. never underestimate awesomegamerland


  32. ”Like that’ll ever happen!”

  33. Me: I wanna watch Tiger Woods. Mom: We have Tiger Woods at home. Tiger Woods at home:

  34. You would not get that high in winds every hole. This would have been several games

  35. Hole in one more like..


  36. Nice.

  37. Is this TASED?

  38. Hax?

  39. Fake.

    The golf ball was a paid actor

  40. I hit the pole and rolled away from the damn hole.

  41. The last of Us 2 leaked gameplay.

  42. 0:30 CHIP IN! EAGLE!

  43. a ver, tu de donde has nacido!!!

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