Wii Play – Tanks! (All 100 Missions)

This is a capture of me completing all 100 missions in the Tanks! mode of Wii Play for the Wii. This was recorded directly from my Wii (not the Wii U).

I had actually been interested in getting Wii Play since shortly after I got my Wii in early December 2006 because it looked like more of Wii Sports. However, I never got around to buying it until 2011, mostly because I made the mistake of listening reviewers who bashed the game. It’s a shame I waited so long because the game is actually quite fun. It reminds me of a lot of the simple black box NES games I played as a kid.

Tanks! is probably the best game in this title. It looks incredibly simple, but the game is actually very challenging. In the two-player mode you can only complete the first 20 stages, but in the single-player mode you can complete 100 stages in total. While this is no easy feat, the game does give you an extra life every five levels.

To earn a platinum medal in this mode, you have to destroy at least 160 tanks. However, there are 540 tanks in total. While I could have easily stopped at the platinum medal requirement, I decided to complete all 100 stages for the first time because this type of game is more my style. Make no mistake though, it took me about 20 tries to do this, and I was cursing and yelling at every death. This type of challenge can really make your blood boil. But at least it’s done!

Recorded with the Hauppauge HD PVR and the Wii’s component cables at 60 frames per second.

I’m using a Wii Remote and nunchuck.


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  1. This is giving me so much nostalgia. Wish this was on the switch

  2. My friend and I were grown ass adults playing this until 3am, this game seemed so easy, but was amazingly difficult at times. One of my favorites!

  3. I think the brown tank's AI has a similarity to that of the green tank in the sense that both are stationary and desire to land intricately laid-out shots. They will never shoot directly at you (unless you’re at point-blank range).

  4. 1:26:54 When you hate ur teammates and you decide to do this.


  6. Did you edit out the start of L30? It says there are 7 tanks but then when the level starts we only see 4?

  7. 21:16 That ghost tank just pushed the green tank

  8. Is there such a thing as levels 101 and up?

  9. If I could add a mod to this game, I would add an upgrade system, where you get money for killing tanks, and higher ranking tanks give you more money when destroyed. After each level, an upgrade menu would pop up and allow the player to purchase upgrades for their tank. These could include cool paint jobs, movement speed, more bullets, fast bullets, bouncy bullets, more mines, better armor, etc. I've been playing this game for a long time and I think that a mod like that would be so awesome.

  10. The levels on this video are different than the levels on my game. For example on level 75 there are 2 green tanks. One is where the bottom right red tank is.

  11. 1:26:54 he green tank shot the black tank!😂

  12. i love you my men thats new mii and i thank he so good

  13. I can never get past level 12

  14. light green tnak 5:25 And 16:57 and 21:42

  15. I beat all 100 levels too, but never played it again afterwards lol. I had 6 lives left.

  16. 1:26:56 green tank is so crazy !

  17. 1:04:35

  18. Damn on mission 83 you Got bombarded

  19. When America invade Nazi germany

  20. Remember Chess? Well say hello to Chess 2.
    Except it's also Laser tag 2.
    And has green tanks.


  22. 1:34:00 Thank me later

  23. 38:32からがまじでむずい

  24. For those of you who don't know, this is how ww2 was fought

  25. How do you get more then 20 lvls?

  26. 1:23:18 top ten anime betrayals

  27. Mission 51, 54 scared me!!

    53:23 What was that sound?!

    1:26:17 whoa close one!!!

    1:12:57 1:29:23 Double KO

  28. 10:50 Nice thinking ahead

  29. if I died on level 99, the only logical thing to do is: scream, throw the Wii and Wii remote out the window, and cry 5 gallons of tears.

  30. Misfortune black tanks…..

  31. 1:26:57 – Friendly Fire

  32. 1:23:18, The green tank blew up the black tank 😂


  34. I haven't ever reached Level 20 -.-

  35. Dont really know how i got myself to watch the whole thing

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