What We Can Learn From BARTZ KLAUSER | Final Fantasy 5


Coming in with another entry into the What We Can Learn From vids, a deep dive on Bartz Klauser from Final Fantasy 5 and why he is inspiring me so much right now. Final Fantasy V is a game that doesnt get alot of love and while it’s characters were still in the ‘simple arch’ and presentation era, I still think theres alot that can be extracted from them. For any real world mythology, lore and hindu story fans, theres a bit of juice on a parallel I found between Bartz & Krishna. Also be warned theres spoilers for the ending of FF5, Dissidia NT, Dissidia Duodecim and a bit from World Of Final Fantasy. Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. I am from India, and I want to specify a thing here, even though if you search the whole internet, you will find Krishna as blue, but in most of the literature and songs and also idols that are worshipped here, he is specifically mentioned as dark-skinned. Then, why he is shown blue isnt mentioned much. I know this video is about traits,not about colour but I guess I could share a fun fact with those who are reading this.


  3. i saw the claims on your ffxv wtf moments videos, the claims on how you apparently "stole" their videos and applied them to your own videos for monetary gain. while on paper this seems true, would anyone feel the urge to link 30 clips in a compilation video to give them credit? clearly no. and besides, it's not truly their intellectual property most of the time as their "glitches" can be replicated anytime as well. i think you should put a disclaimer in future compilation videos that the clips you showed aren't yours, that's really the least you could do to qwell the pedantics whining and stirring conflict. good day

  4. you should play death stranding dude. it feels like playing final fantasy and have a deep philosophy within 🙂

  5. Hey, does anyone else subscribe to the theory that the Sealed Book is the same Grymoire that created Ivalice and is showcased in WoFF?
    (I think it had something to do with disidia’s plot in the psp days as well)

  6. I love 5 and bartz. In fact logically speaking the strongest protagonist would either be terra or bartz since they're the only ones that can stop time

  7. A/tao/way/flow – the natural motion of the universe or the harmony of opposites. all organic things have a wave like structure referred to as gesture,spirit or motion the essence of life. been studying this alot recently in art. love your work its only getting better.

  8. Bartz Klauser is one of my favorite character, it's kinda sad Square discontinued the DS/3DS remake of FFV/FFVI

  9. I took this name after playing ff5… even the "void" must be something! The place where we put thoughts and wishes and they become reaIity, miracles, magic.
    I love the friendship and companionship between Bartz and Boko.

  10. FF5 may not have be the best game of the series but I strongly believe it has the best gameplay of any of the sprite era FF games.

  11. I wish FF5 would get more recognition and love from the community. Everyone seems to just skip over FF5 when jumping from FF1 to FF6.

  12. Huh…who would have thought that the motivation and answer to the doubt I have now would lie in my favorite FF Protagonist. Maybe I need to be a little more like Bartz.
    Thank you Pez for putting out this video. It really came at a stressful time for me😁

  13. I've never really liked 5 that much because of the shoddy graphics and generic story; but seeing this video changed my perspective of the game itself.

  14. Dissidia & 012's character growth/depth/understanding is criminally under rated. I appreciated you throwing in clips from them. Just to throw it out into the void – pez you should do a deep dive on how dissidia's story is the true "final fantasy", while the numerical games, are dissidia's characters side quests – (why does every dissidia character mysteriously disappear & no one knows where they went at one time or another)

  15. Good to see you back pez!! My uncle got me into final fantasy by playing ff10 and the only games i have played are 10 and 10-2 and 15. Im learning more about the final fantasy universe through these videos of what we can learn through said character. Im currently in a turbulent stage in ny life and although every final fantasy character has a strong set of beliefs, i look to the characters who have always stood tall with their convictions. Who would fight on knowing the threat of certain defeat. Who would not bend the knee in the presence of death. For me, those characters are Gladiolus Amicitia, Cor Leonis and Auron. May their triumphs serve as a beacon and a guide for me to overcome my own trials.

  16. Another awesome life-inspiring video! The idea of not being locked inside the glass jar of your current circumstances, breaking out, and exploring outside the jar has been appealing as of late!

  17. I got to admit i would love to be like bartz, just going whereever the wind takes him, if only it was that easy in life 🙁

    But Bartz def goes up there for most positive FF character, almost nothing gets this lad down, and i admire that, again in life its hard to remain this positive most times but its the thought that counts


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