We NEVER Got To Play These Awesome Wrestling Games…(Cancelled WWE, TNA, WCW Video Games)


There have been a plethora of wrestling video games on the PlayStation, Nintendo, X Box and PC over the years, but some never made it to light. These are the 7 that were Cancelled!

Topics Discussed In This Video:

1. Cancelled Wrestling Video Games
2. Cancelled WWE Games
3. Wrestling Video Games That Were Never Released
4. Unreleased Wrestling Video Games
5. Cancelled Video Games
6. Cancelled Pro Wrestling Games

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  1. WWE all stars super game but no adds more superstars examble goldperl brock lesnor batista
    BUT still rocks now playable android also

  2. I would really want them to make a home version of that WWE Immortals game (I know it's an Injustice clone, but still) and combine that with the gimmick stages from In Your House. I would easily pick up that game if done right…

  3. Jesse “The Body” Ventura quit WWE in 1990 partly because Vince was sore at him for accepting a deal to endorse a pro wrestling game for Sega Megadrive/Genesis. It would have just been a Japanese game reworked for a different market, but it was far enough along for ads to appear in Electronic Gaming Monthly. The game fell through, but it helped sour Ventura’s relationship with WWE at the time.

  4. We could've had a Mario pro-wrestling game. Nintendo approached Next Level Games to develop a volleyball game with Mario characters after the success of the Super Mario Strikers games. During development, Next Level Games added in wrestling to combine with the volleyball game, which was then Super Mario Spikers. Concept art of Mario in a wrestling outfit as well as wrestling arenas based off of Mario characters were in production (Some are posted online) and there is a video of wrestling moves performed by Mario characters for the game. Although Nintendo was open to the idea, the pitch for this game didn't really go well with Nintendo, so it was axed. If it went through, it would've been released for the Nintendo Wii.

  5. SVR Online and WWE Brawl looked pretty good, both would have been really interested to play. Especially WWE Brawl, I'm so disappointed that one got canceled, that would have been a really cool, sick and addicting game to play, it would have been awesome. I actually still have TNA iMPACT! for my Xbox 360 to this day, I still think it's not all that bad. But I do agree that the controls are very repetitive and such, it was still disappointing that there were no championships belts in the game and the entrances are short. But with those flaws, it's still isn't all that bad. The Story mode was still good in my opinion, the voice acting in it was also not bad. It still would have been cool if there was a TNA iMPACT! 2.

  6. I believe WCW vs. nWo Live was just a working title for Revenge – you can even see a 'WCW nWo LIVE' sign in the crowd.

  7. Did you ever hear of the rumor ICW getting a video game deal? I could've sworn I heard about that not even 4 years ago.

  8. We need a fast paced arcade wrestling game. All this simulation garbage yuke's releasing for the past decade has been nothing but a sour taste in every one of our mouths. C'mon yall


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