Vikings vs. Broncos | Week 4 Highlights | NFL


Check out all the action between the Minnesota Vikings and the Denver Broncos during Week 4 of the 2015 NFL season.

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  1. Teddy last season was pretty inconsistent as qb. Kinda weird seeing him pass all over that #1 defense and even almost win the game in Mile High until the Broncos D made a clutch play. Regardless of the loss, he put on a helluva show with things considered

  2. I was there, first Vikings game I saw live, many of our fans were very upset, but I thought it was an amazing game, wasn't even upset.

  3. I should have these guys job. They all as blind as these refs. That wasn't PFM making that tackle after the pick it was Owen Daniels.

  4. this isn't going to be vikings year but it's going to be a start of one of many to come of vikings showing America what's up.

  5. Do the commentators really say that Manning is tackling on 0:30? If so, why? That's not Manning tackling.
    But hey, what do I know. I am European… 😉

  6. that game when you have a better defense, offensive line, and receivers than the opposing 2nd year QB and you still do worse.

  7. Vikings relied on Bridgewater too much. Dude was garbage. shouldve done power house running 30 carries for peterson

  8. Talib, Ware, Von Miller all deserve a ring, and they may just get it. They only need Peyton to stop throwing INTs and be a game manager and they will win the superbowl.


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