Tyga – Taste (Lyrics) ft.Offset


“Tyga – Taste ft.Offset”

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  1. Bro possibility bc a possibility can always be possible so what I'm actually saying is that this possibility is possible

  2. So I’ve been looking for this song since my sister put this in in the car which was a month ago and my whole search list is mmm mm mm yeah yeah,ooh ooh yeah yeah ,😭😭

  3. Huhuhuu werewerewere me gusta la chebe..
    Huhuhuu werewerewere sin que se enteree..
    Huhuhuu werewerewere me la pelaan..todita completa
    Huhuhuu Huhuhuu…

  4. I don't understand what happened with good music. Read the lyrics without the beat, does it sound like something you would say? Nowadays you can talk trash with a drop-hip beat and you will get more than 50 million views. Disgusting.


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