Top 10 Best Apps For Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge


Top 10 Best Apps For Galaxy S7 Edge & S7
Hey Guys,
In this video i’ll be giving you my top 10 favorite apps for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.
1. Download the App Remember The Dot! –
2. Get a Score of 10 or Higher
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Apps List:
1. App Locker-
2. Doze –
3. CamScanner-
4. Notepad+-
5. Tapet-
6. Snapseed-
7. Weather 360 –
8. Fleksy –
9. Clipboard Actions-
10. Twilight –
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  1. thx. . also MX player on Android is good, love playing lots of songs on it. Google ZillaTube, it works great

  2. I wanted to try camscanner and saw that it has both ads and in-app purchases. That's too much for me. I'm sure there is another app that will at least not have the purchases

  3. are u using a t mobile version of the galaxy s7 ? so its the gm930 t model , i am in ALGERIA i recently got a tmobile gm 930 unlocked model and i am wondering if it will run good for my country gsm 3g and 4 g networks , knowing that when i cheked compatibility frequencies site where you get to see any phone model and see its compatibilities with all countries networks it showed compatible with all operators network in algeria i hope you can help me here ? sir

  4. app lock for messages (so your girl doesn't/can't look through them)
    app lock for your web browser (so your family/friends won't see anything noddy in your history)
    and done.

  5. the only app i find usefull is applock. The other ones not so much. Some even backed in the latest nougat update

  6. thanks for the update, enjoy your channel, ive noticed very few do detailed font changing apps that are the best for S7 EDGE because i realized the custom fonts are extremely "LIMITED" mind helping?

  7. hey man, this is going to sound weird, but for whatever reasons I found this video really peaceful. I had it playing while I was on my bed resting and it was really nice

  8. i have a question about the s7 edge battery. Should we charge it when its minimum 30% and if we go lower, should it damage the battery or decrease the life?


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