The Rarest, Coolest, and Most Expensive PS4's EVER.

There’s been a lot of PS4’s, and some of them are pretty awesome. But right now we’re gonna take a look at the best of the best. If money is not a problem or luck was greatly on your side, you’d have one of these elite PlayStation 4’s. They’re so fancy I feel like they should be running in slow motion on a beach.

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  1. it’s PS4s not PS4’s lol

  2. Gaystation? Disgusting gtfoh. I will pass.

  3. the united arab emiRATS

  4. #thisisforthegaymers LmfaO

  5. What about the see through blue ps4 edition

  6. Isn't different consoles. Is the same consoles with a bit different art on.

  7. gaystation,really?

  8. I love my taco bell gold ps4 1 in 6500 just sayin

  9. First… Gaystation.
    Second… BLMstation.
    Third… Peaceful proteststation.
    Forth… C19station.
    Fifth… The Gretastation.

  10. I'll just grab some spray paint and make my own limited edition ps4, one of a kind

  11. it is one of a kind

    how many times did he say that😋

  12. I got the first edition of the ps4 and felt good until I watched this video 😅

  13. Gaystation . Lol.

  14. bro why is everyone commenting about rarest ps4 when this is a wii u video

  15. 3:21 so they used a PS4 slim instead of a PS4 Pro

  16. I'm surprised you didn't showcase the 500 million sold edition. I personally think it's the best looking one. Usually goes for around $1k

  17. who tf asked for the gaystation one? It looks stupid af, like get our of here

  18. Gaystation exists!
    PS4 Fanboys: My life was a whole lie

  19. BRUH i died when they really named it Gaystation XDDD

  20. the gaystation was created by xbox fanboys

  21. I straight but the gaystation looking kinda cute

  22. Sorry but the Cyberpunk Xbox One X kills them all….

  23. 28k swedish kroner is 3k dollar

  24. Gaystation, lol, would like to see a straightstation

  25. 2:47 wtf is that version? ewww, disgusting

  26. My question is it worth it to buy because of the regular ps4 its really slow then a Ps4 Pro and to be honest is it worth that much?

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