The Rarest, Coolest, and Most Expensive PS4's EVER.


There’s been a lot of PS4’s, and some of them are pretty awesome. But right now we’re gonna take a look at the best of the best. If money is not a problem or luck was greatly on your side, you’d have one of these elite PlayStation 4’s. They’re so fancy I feel like they should be running in slow motion on a beach.

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  1. First… Gaystation.
    Second… BLMstation.
    Third… Peaceful proteststation.
    Forth… C19station.
    Fifth… The Gretastation.

  2. I'm surprised you didn't showcase the 500 million sold edition. I personally think it's the best looking one. Usually goes for around $1k

  3. My question is it worth it to buy because of the regular ps4 its really slow then a Ps4 Pro and to be honest is it worth that much?


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