The Rarest, Coolest, and Most Expensive PS4 Games EVER.


The PS4 is over five years old! And with that, has come a pretty big library full of fantastic games. But just like any other platform, some of those games become rare and collectible. Sometimes you gotta pay top dollar to get your hands on certain games. THESE… are those games. (Dramatic right? I know. I’m sorry I startled you).

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  1. interesting. did toro had massive drop in price, or why is it a below 40€ title here?
    or currently on some guy has five for 25€ each

  2. Ridiculous how games are literally made on purpose to be scarce and cater to scalpers and resellers from the start these days. Artificial scarcity and high buy it now prices on Ebay. The hobby is so exploited by everyone involved right now. People getting tricked into thinking spending $1000 on a video game that is even remotely important. What the fuck.

  3. Persona 5 should be main stream i didnt know about persona until 3 months ago and its easily one of the best games ive ever played

  4. So I will make a game and publish only 1 copy for my other acount and I will sell it for 5000$ is it right ?

  5. What about Godzilla? One run only, discontinued and not even on PSN anymore. And surprisingly, the NTSC version of Dark Souls 2 for the PS4 is becoming very expensive in brand new condition.

  6. 1:14 – SOME people?! You mean MOST of them forget that it’s a paid game first. And it really annoys me that I never bought Fortnite when it first came out.

  7. Why does Fallout: New Vegas cost $100 USD on the PlayStation Store. The same goes for Fallout 3, and some classic lego games? Please reply to the comment if you know any more examples

  8. I would say that Godzilla is a good honorable mention. The cheapest I saw it was $45 but then the licensing ran out and it was pulled from psn and the physical copies soared in prices 😑

  9. I'm almost glad that I deleted PT before it was removed from the store or else I would have had to keep my original PS4 (upgraded to pro) and it seems silly to have a whole console for just one game. But I guess I could have sold it for way more… damn it! That's the one that really bums me out. At least for a lot of these games you can just go digital if it's a game you really wanted to play, obviously, it's much cooler to own physically but not for these sorts of prices. But PT there's no other option. I mean I could jailbreak my account as I have the license but apparently you can get banned and I really don't want that.

  10. Bro I remember P.T my cousin was over my house and me him and my brother were playing P.T. I was still kinda young at the time and it scared the shit out of me like I couldnt breath. Such a fun memory to remember.

  11. Man, you didn't talk about the last of us post pandemic edition. On eBay, used, it goes for 1000/1300 $, and if it's new…

  12. Value is determined by availability and demand not on what is asked on Ebay. If you check the listings there are MANY on offer (so not that rare) and hardly sold (so demand is low….at least at this price). Maybe in the US where everything is “collectible and rare” things are different but here in Europe I had a hard time selling even my vintage consoles including some really rare ones incl. a import Virtua Boy and Dreamcast, a Jaguar and Saturn with large game collections and accessoires.


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