The Oregon Trail Video Games Evolution 1971- 2011 [Longest-running video games franchise]

History of The Oregon Trail Video Games 1971-2011 (40 Years)

The Oregon Trail is the Longest-running video games franchise 40 Years 1971-2011

Video Games List:
1971 The Oregon Trail (HP 2100)
1978 The Oregon Trail (CDC Cyber)
1979 Oregon (Apple II)
1982 The Oregon Trail (Atari 8-Bit)
1985 The Oregon Trail (Apple II)
1990 The Oregon Trail: Classic Edition (DOS, Macintosh)
1992 The Oregon Trail Deluxe (DOS, Macintosh)
1993–96 The Oregon Trail Ver 1.2 (Windows)
1995 Oregon Trail II (Windows, Macintosh)
1997 The Oregon Trail 3rd Edition (Windows, Macintosh)
2001 The Oregon Trail 4th Edition (Windows, Macintosh)
2002 The Oregon Trail 5th Edition (Windows, Macintosh)
2009 The Oregon Trail (DSiware, iOS)
2011 The Oregon Trail (Wii)


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  1. any playstation 4 verison

  2. The one I played was the 1993-1996 one

  3. I remember playing the 2011 (American Settler) version back then and making school out of trees for walls and chopped trees for chairs 😂😂 good old days…

  4. Yeah, this game was definitely meant to be educational above all else.

  5. Oregon Trail II (1995). That’s the one I remember! Ahhh the nostalgia of that music. I must’ve played that a million times when I was younger. 🥰

  6. Longest running video game franchise? Isn't that place to Mario?

  7. 2009 version on iOS and 3di us the best.

  8. What if they made a more serious Oregon Trail as an RPG similar to The Elder Scrolls

  9. Fuck those IOS games jesus christ, how out of spirit with the originals.

  10. You forgot organ trail director's cut came out 2012

  11. this honestly could be remade into a seriously good game with 2019 standards if given the right approach

  12. The CDC Cyber version was depressing because of the limitations

  13. Five has CARTOON clips…how far we have come.

  14. There is a handheld version of the Oregon trail Classic version

  15. I play the deluxe because a website that has lots of old games.

  16. I know the first one is way off… Perhaps the Apple II version?

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