The Oregon Trail (1990) PC Playthrough – NintendoComplete


A beginning to end playthrough of Mecc’s 1990 educational PC Dos game, The Oregon Trail.

I loved days in elementary school where we’d go to the computer lab and play this! I remember everyone racing to try to play on one of the three Apple II computers in the room that had color screens. If you were too late, you ended up playing on one with a green and black screen. Amazing how far we’ve come, but hunting is just as much fun as I remember it being.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. Not a single member was named poopface or penis wrinkle? That's really insulting to the integrity of the game and to my childhood…We third graders would compete against each other to make the funniest names until the teacher caught us and took away computer Friday for the next month….For shame sir. That neglect deserves a broken wagon wheel every five miles and only being able to carry five ounces of the less than one pound squirrel you wasted thirty four bullets on to feed your normal unoriginal travel party members……

  2. After losing my entire family to dysentery, snake bites and failed river crossings about a thousand times I would just blow all my money on ammo and spent all my time hunting.

  3. Player: (Shoots animals worth over 1000 pounds but could only take 100 pounds.)

    Native American: White men will be their own ruin.

    Player: But it's so much fun for some reason.

  4. I had to come on here to show my son my favorite pc game in the 90s. Talking bout flashback, I had them This was my shit every Friday freeday . me and the couple of classmate was gathered around the computer for next. The good times. Oh my family died of polio.miss those days. Real shit.

  5. If i could play Oregon Trail….

    I could name the first person…

    And the other 4 would be….

    Or would i name…


    Is it ok? Y or N. I know what Y and N mean. Y means yes and N means no.

  6. Who remembers the printers where you had to peel off the sides of the paper? Lol oh the good old days….

  7. Boy that took me back to 7th grade. Never did make it to Oregon as a kid, mostly because we only ever had one Computer class period to play it and didnt have a PC at home, lol.

  8. Haha I remember doing this in my school and I have a knack for picking things up really quick so me and my sister spent one week practicing this game and getting good at it and in the end the day my teacher held a competition I finished as farmer and number 2 on the global leaderboard which still might be visible today, "Asad Rox"

  9. Was one of few who could actually get to oregon in school. Recently downloaded it and made it once again.

    Its all about resource and mechanic management. On a good run I can make the first batch of provisions last the whole journey and end with over 100 dollars still with all my people in tact.


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