The Best Video Game Storage Shelves: Oskar Media Cabinet 1080 CD (aka Video Game Room Update 4)

This is the 4th video in my video game room REBOOT! Also, consider it an unboxing, assembly and review of the Oskar Media Cabinet 1080 CD or 504 DVD.

I got my shelving unit from The Home Depot, so I can return it easily if there was any problems. I trusted their shipping vs. Walmart. I am 100% happy with this in my game room and will buy the same one again if I need it…

Looks like Home Depot isn’t selling the model that’s in this video. Walmart has it now. Here’s the link:





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  1. One thing I hated about those style of media storage is that cardboard backing. Once you nailed it in, it never stayed nailed in and would always fall apart. Have you notice that happen with that particular one? It looks great and would save me a lot of time of driving 5 hours to an IKEA.

  2. I'm not able to find a video game tower like a cd rack that holds them individual slot that holds the video game up right so that it doesn't fall out when you grab the game. sorry if this doesn't make sense.?

  3. Great to see that… I made it too. Plans from woodprix helped me a lot 🙂

  4. Mine just got delivered today, time to get to work!

  5. I just found one online at Walmart for $90

  6. I have this as well and it's great! My only complain is I get a lot of flex so I made sure to attach mine to the wall so it doesn't crush my kids. Best part is being able to rearrange the shelf as my collection grows or I move things around. Great vid, keep em coming!

  7. might get some of these. Might attach some wallpaper or game posters or something on the back wall of the shelf so its not flat black, plus itll hide the creases.

  8. this is pretty cool but they dont sell these in australia. i did find similar ones on tho

  9. Your video says 1008 cd but when you go to the link it says 756 cds. Are these the same?

  10. Thanks for showing… very helpful. Cheers

  11. Really tempting, but I was concerned that they're apparently made of particle board (or break-away prop furniture IMO) and some suggestions that they won't be stable without the wall anchors.

    I'm currently using modded "Maxsteel" shelving (also made by Atlantic). It's strong & stable (if leaned against the wall), but the shelves aren't as easy to re-adjust. How's the stability of the Oskar shelving been for you?

  12. I wish they had one in black. I need one of these

  13. Awesome, thanks for sharing this info! Luckily, my big media shelf made it in the move across the country. Unfortunately though, many of my other shelves were victims of improper handling, etc. This shelf layout seems like a nice solution.

  14. ill make a video of it, just check out my newest upload

  15. I've started a small game collection myself.

  16. so awesome

  17. what and where did you get the stickers on top of the N64 CARTRIDGES ?

  18. How many times if any have you moved/relocated with all your stuff?

  19. Great shelf overall

  20. Do the gamecube games and boxes overhang the shelf at all? If so, is this annoying ?

  21. That's an admirable N64 cart collection. Nice!

  22. Btw what does "Espresso" mean? I dunno if it's an american thing but i haven't heard this term before. 🙂

  23. I seen something like these on eBay 🙂 It's very strange that i found this video just after seeing the bookcases by looking for game storage ideas. At the moment i'm using CD/DVD towers from ikea and i need a few more of them so rather than just having a massive collection of the single towers i though a shallow bookcase would be perfect rather a billy bookcase as i don't want to double up my collection i want to see all the games and movies i own if that makes sense. lol ^_^ This video has helped a lot.

  24. i have one of these shelves but the old version. is the new espresso version still black. in the photos it looks brown now

  25. Can NES cartridge fit in the shelf like how you got your N64 cartridges set up?

  26. Looks beautiful! I need a couple of these… I'm running out of space quick! And the Sauders media cases I use aren't taking full advantage of my vertical space. I've also been looking at the Ikea Billy bookcases, but the nearest Ikea to me is about 2 hours away :/

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