Texans vs. Bengals (2015) | Week 10 Highlights | NFL

Check out Week 10’s Monday Night Football matchup between the Houston Texans and the Cincinnati Bengals. T.J. Yates took over after Brian Hoyer sustained a concussion on Monday night and rallied the Houston Texans to a 10-6 victory over Cincinnati, the Bengals’ first loss.

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  1. Wtf happened Bengals 8-0 in 2015 to 2-14 four years later in 2019?

  2. Great game

  3. Ah as a Texans fan this is still one the best games i ever got to watch. Beating a undefeated Bengals team on the road that no one gave us a chance to beat.

  4. Stop dissing DA BRNGALS!!!!

  5. Well, it was a good run

  6. Yates the Bengal slayer

  7. we have 2 playoff wins actually 😀

  8. bengal killer

  9. The one and only, the man, the Houston Texans legend, T.J Yates

  10. Houston Texans

  11. To be honest, like most people (aside from the Texans fans) I thought the Bengals would win. The Texans prove me wrong.

  12. yates was responsible for the 1st post season win, not the only one…geeze commentators are clueless sometimes

  13. I HATE THE BENGALS!!!!!!!

  14. The Texans have won 2 postseason games. Not 1.

  15. Pokemon

  16. thanks for sharing this awesome football

  17. thanks for sharing this awesome football

  18. thanks for sharing this awesome

  19. Score was 10-6

  20. Bengals Lose To The Texans 10-6 On Monday Night Football On ESPN and ESPN Deportes En españòl

  21. what a coach, what a coach!!!!! lmao

  22. matt schaub won them a playoff game against the bengals 2012 actually

  23. I am a Bengals fan not Texas fan but list year they are doing relly good so go Bengals

  24. Bengals more like bagels

  25. commentators always sound so depressed and sad when the Texans win….Lmao…I love it

  26. Texans is the greatest

  27. Damn right we beat the bengals fuck y'all.

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