[TAS] Sonic Wings/Aero Fighters in 11:29 [2 Players]

This is a Tool-Assisted Superplay.
This is my first “full game” TAS, and I’m so proud of myself 😛
For this run, I tried to accomplish some objects, which includes:
– Play on hardest level.
– Kill many enemies as possible during the stages.
– No deaths or continues.
– Be fun to watch.
– Only one bomb per stage for each player.

Everything I did in this TAS was my own strats. I didn’t watched any other speedrun of this game before. And, to be fair, it doesn’t have much strats. The only things I had to think of was:
– Choose the best airplane. The Japanese airplanes was the best choice for me, because of the first player’s secondary weapon, the guided missiles. Those missiles spawn only when everyone of them is “killed” or went off-screen. You can see an example of that when the 1st goes into bosses and sub-bosses’ hitboxes to spawn missiles faster.
– Time correctly the bombs. This one includes the management of the bombs on different phases of the bosses.
– Distribution of power-ups. Every airplane can power-up their weapons getting the “P”s that some enemies drops. Each airplane can power-up 3 times its weapon, in a total of 4 levels of fire. The first player is the preferential, because of its missiles(explained earlier). On level 2, you don’t have the missiles, on level 3 you get 4 missiles and on level 4 you get 6. But, the last level isn’t unlimited. After a time(or number of shots, I don’t know that) of usage, the 4th level is reduced to the 3rd level, weaker. So, when on 4th level, it is important to conserve ammo for “more serious parts”.

Some important info about this run:
From boot to last input: 41461 frames.
Re-record count: 32219.
Emulator: Bizhawk 1.11.1 using TAStudio.

PS: I used Bizhawk 1.11.1 because the latest versions desynchronizes my TAS on every stage.
PS2: I didn’t uploaded this TAS to TASVideos because of the emulator: Bh 1.11.1 uses the .bk2 files, which is not acceptable anymore, and the latest uses .bkm.


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  1. 11:42 In the bosses in movie credits Vazeel and Pandora

  2. Que recuerdos. De chico lo completaba todos los dias. Era un vicio jugarlo

  3. I played this game back when my life was perfect: my childhood.
    So it has a special place in my heart.

  4. take your dislike, pendejo

  5. This is obviously one person using two joysticks with rapid fire, but it's still an impressive display of skill.

  6. Boss:fight me!
    1P:hold my beer 2P

  7. Sonic wings y aero fighters, son lo mismo?

  8. Wooow awesome

  9. SNES vs Arcade

  10. January 1st of 2020😂

  11. A always choose japan

  12. Ayuda…
    alguien sabe cómo programar dos jugadores en el juego en XBOX ONE ???

  13. Que gran recuerdo excelente video juego


  15. I love using Great Britain than Japan.

  16. childhood game

  17. กูเกิดทัน โคตรมัน

  18. esos vatos se saben ese pinshe game de memoria .w.


  20. The only enemy survived.. 8:04

  21. The last boss is a flying cigar.

  22. A TAS would be faster with England planes

  23. hack

  24. Amazing!!!!

  25. aw man I've forgotten this game! this one is beautiful!!! omg <3

  26. YES YES TAS !

  27. Recurdo cuando abia k echarle moneda ala makinita

  28. Do you have the other doubles?

  29. Well!

  30. 10:18
    The final level

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