SUZUKI TU250X REVIEW: Why I bought a TU250X & how it helped me gain confidence riding a motorcycle


Welcome to my Suzuki TU250X review! I bought this bike in particular because I needed to get more comfortable on the road as a beginner motorcycle rider (and get over my fear of shifting). This little TU20X not only helped me gain confidence riding, but is still a bike I enjoy to this day.

Is the TU20X right for you? I say yes! But even more so if you’re a petite or short rider, looking for a beginner motorcycle, want to buy a classic bike, or are after something you can build into a cafe racer or brat. But really, any reason is a good reason to buy a TU.

This video isn’t packed with stats and technicalities about the Suzuki TU250X. (I’d suggest the Suzuki website or something similar for all that good stuff.) Rather, hear about my real-world experience as a beginner rider owning — and loving — this motorcycle.

Emgo muffler on the Suzuki TU250X:
Getting my TU250X inspected in Texas:

2013 Suzuki TU250X


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I’ve been riding motorcycles since 2013. My first bike? A little tangerine-orange scooter. Over the years, I’ve owned several motorcycles (some I’ve since sold) but am currently riding three — a 2013 Suzuki TU250X, 2009 Buell Lightning XB12SCG and 2020 Royal Enfield Continental GT 650. I’ve learned a lot in my motorcycling journey, but have so much room to grow! Come along for the ride as I explore the open road on two wheels, chat about my experiences learning to ride and being a woman motorcyclist, get my hands dirty with motorcycle maintenance and modifications — and more!

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  1. Thanks so much for watching! Plenty more Suzuki TU250X videos are in the works so tell me what you want to hear in the comments below!
    0:11 Cold weather and gear talk
    1:16 Introducing my 2013 Suzuki TU250X
    2:34 General TU talk
    4:01 Reasons why I bought the TU
    7:37 People who might love this bike
    8:39 Randomness and final thoughts

  2. Nice to see another video on this one… that's awesome Mine is a 2013 and has the same mileage purchased mine brand new.. I bought that EMGO exhaust you suggested! I've topped out the needle on this bike many times. Yes a 16 tooth front sprocket is the key. Upgraded the Interceptor 650 with led head light,DNA filter and Red Rooster exhaust. I'm 6'1 and It is interesting.

  3. Enjoyed the vlog! SR400 Owner but took my MSF on the TU, both are great bikes! May even pick a TU up as well if a used one comes my way. Neither are the fastest but that’s not what they are built for and you can actually bang through the gears without going too much over the speed limit. Plus, they’re still fun to ride at 35-45mph which is why I love small singles. I have my track bike for my speed fix but on the street and given the option, I’d pick the SR or TU over the sport bikes any day of the week. Also, shifting/technique will get better with time (I was the false neutral king lol) wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get the hang of it but I never skip a beat now. overall you’re form is good ✌🏼

  4. Im short at 5'5 and I've been looking between this and the burgman 200. I like the idea and storage of the scooter, but I have a feeling the motorcycle may have better longevity. My biggest fear with the motorcycle is the shifting.

  5. Hello mam ! How much this bike cost and what is the mpg of this motorcycle? Thank you also where can I buy used one of this motorcycle tu250x ?

  6. Hi Joy on a Bike, I liked you video and just gave ya a thumbs up and a subscribe to make your day. I like the mix.of your bikes particularly this Tu250x and the Royal Enfield. Would you ever consider or have you ridden one of the more spirited small displacement naked sports bike like the KTM 390 Duke or the new Kawasaki Z400 ? Also , have you considered one of the smaller adventure bikes like the honda cb500x or Kawasaki Versys x300 ? Look forward to watching more of your videos. Thanks !

  7. im a 6"2 heavy set guy around close to 300 pounds… would i need to get a more beefy bike or could this handle me in your opinion

  8. I'm a big guy (270). I've read on the TU groups of guys that are my size that do well riding the TU. But, I don't think these folks live where there are substantial hills. But for a town bike or a country road bike, this is tough to beat. Rebel 300 is pretty much the only competition. Great review. I appreciate your classy ways and proper use of language. Ride safe.

  9. Hey I’m like 6-4 do you think I’d have a lot of problems riding this bike? My tall people’s let me know. Bitching review

  10. Hello! Great video for us vertically-challenged, first time bike owners!! What size sprocket did you upgrade to? Thanks for your time 😊

  11. Talking about your concerns as a first-time rider is something I highly relate to, so this was largely applicable for me.
    I also grew up being told bikes are so dangerous and what-not, so I think that instilled a little bit of fear in me. But I'm highly pushing to obtain one this year.
    Thanks. Valuable video. 🙂

  12. I always dress warm when riding a motorcycle. It's easier just a too unzip or remove a layer than underdressed. I ride a 2016 tu250x, orange tank. Everything you said about the tu250x is true. I am 5'5" so getting a bike with a low seat height is a priority for me. A 2019 or later Triumph Street Twin has my interest for my next bike. Seat height is 29.9 inches.

  13. Had absolutely no idea these little things ripped! I kinda like it! Saw only one of these in person parked outside of a building in NYC but never paid it any mind. I kinda like that thing!

  14. Nice video, got my TU250x over the winter. It's been a great enty point for me and totally agree that it's a fanastic confidence builder. Saving my sanity during the quarantine! Wish I could have found one already modded like yours, love the looks but I lack the willingness to spend money to mod it out myself. At that point I'll be looking to upgrade to my current dream bike, a Moto Guzzi V7. The Tu250x is so awesome though so I feel like I won't be compelled to scratch that itch for a while. Happy ridding.

  15. just got one of these last weekend and i have been loving the mess out of it! question for you Joy, did you go up a tire size on the front or back? im having trouble finding the tire sizes for this bike. i have found some but theyre tubeless and that brings me to my next question, should i make sure to replace the tires with other tube tires, or is it prefrence?


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