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Ian finds out if he has what it takes to be the ultimate Survivor in Survivor: The Interactive Game.

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Don’t remember which of these Incompetech tracks I used, but some of them are in there:

Accralate, AngloZulu, Artifact, At The Shore, Digya, Dubakupado, Freddy’s Menagerie, Kumsasi Groove, Monkoto, Night Cave, Quasi Motion, Savannah Sketch, Whimsy Groove, World Vice, and Zanzibar by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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  1. As a Canadian whose country has the same political system as Australia I have to make it clear that the first question in the trivia about who is the countries' Chief of State is a trick question (Strap yourselves in, this is going to get VERY confusing). So Queen Elizabeth is the nation's head of state as our countries have the same monarch as the British (same with a lot of other nations in the British Commonwealth), that's why she's on our currency, BUT the Governor General is the head of state as he or she is the nation's representive of the Queen (the Prime Minister picks a new one every few years) and has the same powers and prerogatives that the Queen has in Britain. BUT, on the other hand, you can make the argument that the Prime Minister is the head of state as he or she is the top elected official in the country.

  2. Well, if B.B. thinks Colleen is the weakest, of course he wants the whole tribe to be like Colleen. If she really did suck that bad, that would make the game super easy to win.

  3. Omg this is so funny 😂 I love how you review it badly but in a way so it’s funny but not totally disrespectful to the fans lmao

  4. But, even ROBLOX did better than this, the roblox studio Peak Precision Studios made a better version of Survivor than a pc game.

  5. For anybody wondering any too lazy to take a quick search, in the target minigame there's a target every 10 seconds.


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