Subaru Impreza Evolution in NFS Games – 1080pHD


Please watch: “BLACKLIST / NFS Most Wanted / – 4k”
NFS Underground – 0:05

NFS Underground 2 – 0:55

NFS Most Wanted – 1:50

NFS Carbon – 2:45

NFS Pro Street – 3:40

NFS Shift – 4:35

NFS Hot Pursuit (2010) – 5:30

NFS Shift 2 – 6:25

NFS The Run – 7:20

NFS Most Wanted (2012) – 8:10

Need For Speed (2015) – 9:05

NFS Payback – 10:00

Hello guys, so after Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I have to made Subaru Impreza Evolution. A true rally legend in my opinion best rally car. You can see that every car is WRX STi except Underground one. I want to hear your opinion which one is the best Impreza or Lancer.
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Enjoy 🙂

My PC:
CPU: Intel i5 7600k
Gpu:GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Ram:8 GB 2400Mhz
HDD:1,5 TB
Edit in:
Adobe Premiere Pro

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  1. I feel priviledged to own a low milage 2003 STI GDB, a car with such history, medals and car culture, it was my dream for a long time

  2. I can’t believe EA would make the Subaru in need for speed world underpowered. Why EA?? Y u nerf the Impreza???

  3. Why is it on NFS Underground that just about every car sounds like it has been engine swapped with a V6 engine?

  4. It is quite strange that a game (nfsu2) that came out in 2004 is still better than nowadays trash nfs games in any kinda way…The engine sounds, blow off and turbo whistles, huge range of customization, The soundtrack, Story, driving mechanics, Atmosphere…

  5. I Really wish if this possible in the next NFS on 2019 come back the Impreza GD Generation, if it's possible; The possibility to facelift the model with Bugeyes, Blobeyes and Hawkeyes. Just like what they did with the Hemi Barracuda and the Classic Charger R/T in Payback.

  6. I really hope we get the newer ones in a new NFS game that also has the customization of NFS 2015, that way one could have all the different fronts, be it bug, hawk or the other three or so.
    Also not sure if that goes too far customization wise, but having the option between hatch and notchback, really wish that NFS would more feature the later one as that's what I think of when I think of an Impreza.


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