Straight Shooter

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This ain’t no high-falutin’ showdown for the sappy. This here is the real deal, rootin’ tootin’, disc shootin’ that’ll make an armadillo curl up and high-tail it home. ‘Round here, yer either the best shot or you’ll be buzzard food. Not only are ya shootin’ for braggin’ rights, but straight shooter helps with the way yer hands and eyes coordinate. An’ don’t even git me started on the benefits to yer visual perception. Which helps fer when yer ridin’ around town on horseback andother such activities. The game itself is constructed on geen-u-wine wood. Much finer than Ol’ Man Jones’ wooden leg. If that don’t make ya skip fer joy, then maybe ya been in the sun too long.


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  1. Wouldn't pay more than $4.99 USD for this game….

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  3. NERD!

  4. .

  5. So Stupid

  6. When I have to speak for a topic for 1 min 5 secs and i know the topic is shit.

  7. 40 yr old virgin….

  8. How can I buy it?

  9. This looks more fun than Fortnite.

  10. First thing came into my mind when I saw him with the big glasses is
    This must be another board game for Nerds and Geeks.

  11. Serial killer much ?

  12. Bad game. Horrible advertisement lol

  13. Shit

  14. I'm gonna play this with my weeb friends.



  15. is a five-year-old video

    YouTube: "OH lets go put this in the recommended feed for literally everyone"

  16. In school when you need to go to washroom but the teacher won't let you 1:00

  17. ,

  18. Where do I get this?

  19. "Shotgun the sherrif!!!!!"
    Doesn't get sherrif
    "Fuck this game and fuck this family"

  20. They didnt wanna get liberals mad so they replaced indian with miner

  21. John Wayne isnt cool hes a ass

  22. I leave at the Fillipes

  23. I want one Please

  24. Cool

  25. Bulimic bulimic bear

  26. .

  27. I would not play that silly meaningless game.

  28. .

  29. Ok, why is this in my reccomend?

  30. カロムのが絶対楽しい

  31. U….

  32. .

  33. Cringe.

  34. Plot twist, this trains school shooters

  35. but why?

  36. Bullshit.

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  38. -4°

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  40. You’re insane

  41. Can I play this?
    I am not straight

  42. For your own good do not click read more.

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