Sonic Wings (Super Famicom) – (Longplay – Mao Mao | Hard Difficulty)

Game: Sonic Wings
North American Title: Aero Fighters
European Title: Aero Fighters
Japanese Title: Sonic Wings
Language: Japanese
Platform: Super Famicom
Difficulty: Hard
Player Character: Mao Mao

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  1. Whoever’s played the gameplay, he / she got the skill.


  2. it is terrible this game —–___—–

  3. Failied mission

  4. Nossa achei brasileiros

  5. Joguei muito no Snes

  6. Esse jogo fez parte infancia de muita jente

  7. Não e possível desviar assim rápido de todas as balas, aposto que esse vídeo tá levemente acelerado digitalmente !

  8. Wow🤗!! You are amazing TURKISH🙌.

    I wish i can play like this😉.

    But practice makes perfect, I'll get on this level one day.

  9. Me gusta

  10. Esto era Piola en FICHA ^^.

  11. Que Tal Juegazo Épico De Mi Infancia 🙁

  12. Que hermosura de juego


  14. Amo esse jogo até hoje! 😊👍

  15. Nostalgia 😮😭😭 trilha sonora épica

  16. Que nostalgia😢😭😭

  17. how to choose mao mao when playing alone ? i'm on snes emulator but can seem to play as player 2

  18. jogo ótimo 👍👍👍👍

  19. Que gran recuerdo

  20. yeah. you pro

  21. Great skills.

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