Samsung Galaxy S7 Review [2017]


We all do it: a hot new smartphone like the Galaxy S8 drops, and we’re in love – until we see the price tag. Then we start thinking, “well, how bad would it be if I got last year’s model instead?” The good news: the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are still outstanding smartphones worthy of a long look, especially once they get discounted following the Galaxy S8 release. The better news: there are other, still-cheaper smartphones out there worth a look as well. The bad news: neither of these options will get you a Galaxy S8. Check out MrMobile’s Galaxy S7 Review for 2017, and stay tuned for the Galaxy S8 review coming soon!



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MrMobile’s Galaxy S7 Review 2017 was produced following ten months with a Galaxy S7 review device and five months with a Galaxy S7 edge review device, one a Galaxy S7 retail device purchased by Mobile Nations and the other a Galaxy S7 edge review device on loan from Samsung. The devices received several updates over the course of their lifetimes and were tested on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless in Greater Boston and beyond.


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Galaxy S7 Review [Android Central]:


“The Ballad of MrMobile.” Mobile Nations, 2016

““Overflowing” by Score Squad, available at Premium Beat:



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  1. [CORRECTION] I'm getting reports that you can indeed launch the camera with a home-key double-click on the S8. This did not work on a few demo devices at the media briefing and I couldn't find any setting to enable it, but it's entirely possible I just missed it. Sorry if so!

  2. Yet here in mid 2020 the Samsung Galaxy S7 was the best Smartphone I ever had.
    I like a smaller display with a strong camera.
    Unfortunately after all those years the battery drains rather quickly on the S7.
    I'm using a Huawei P20 Pro for a year now and while the battery lasts up to two days and the camera is fairly good, I personally want to switch back to the S7 just because of its smaller size.
    Also I did not (to the last day I used the S7) notice any slowdowns.

  3. 3:42 it's 2020, I changed to a Note9 almost 2 years ago, and I'm still swimming in Micro-USB cables from previous phones😅. Most budget gear (wireless chargers, wireless headphones, led light rings and power banks) still come with these cables.

  4. I just bought a Note 10 Plus, but the S7 Edge was the most I've ever been impressed by a new phone. It was ahead of it's time

  5. Remember when $850 for a phone was a lot? The pepperidge farm remembers. At this point Samsung is just trying to find out what they can get away with. $1400 for the base s20 ultra? I'll pass…

  6. I'm still using my S7 to this day and thanks to custom ROMs it only gets better. Other than a bigger screen I honestly do not see a reason to get another phone.

  7. The S7 remains my daily driver to this day. With the Galaxy Project custom ROM it remains quick and responsive, with excellent battery life and a camera that is still very good indeed. Phone cameras kind if reached a point with the S7 era that future cameras are only proving incremental increases and that if you really want better then buying an actual camera is a far better choice.

  8. I wanna buy a new phone but I doesn't know who to choose between Pixel XL/S7 or other phone under 350 euro

  9. I bought an S7 a few weeks ago… The S7 is still a top phone even in mid 2018. Running Android Oreo the performance and spec is still far better than the iPhone 8 and can be bought for half the price of an iPhone 8.

  10. I have straight talk. Trying to get the most for my money. The S7 is much more affordable for looking at a new phone. I have an iPhone SE right now but I want to go back to android. Is the S7 Still worth it?

  11. 2018. And micro USB is still easier to buy than USB – C. I don't see micro USB dying anytime at the rate you hint at, at least in the next 4-5 years. Just saying. So not really the best argument for "future proofing".

  12. Does samsung galaxy j5 2017 work with samsung dex because it has touchwiz ? Can someboby ask my question ?

  13. I hate my s7 edge whenever i play clash of clans or any games while charging .. it starts overheating and the charging speed decreases.. hate this.
    Never happened on iphone.

  14. How's does the S7 stack up against the Huawei Mate SE or the Mate 10 Pro? Thanks for this update review.

  15. Got one from my room mate,he got a note 8 so he gave me his s7 gold version,has a crack screen but doesn't affect anything. Battery is till at 60% after 8 hours of standby,might keep it might not,don'.t want 3 degree burns if the battery is bad but so far it's behaving.

  16. I was thinking of going with the s8… fingerprint scanner in the wrong place… No thanks.. sticking with my s7 edge


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