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Samsung Galaxy S7 Real Camera Review: Fewer Pixels, More Light | Pocketnow

Galaxy S7 Skins:
Samsung cut back on the resolution of the Galaxy S7’s camera to improve low light sensitivity. Will this gamble pay off? We live in a time where the only camera someone might own is the one bolted to the back of their phone, so let’s take an in depth look at what this camera has to offer.

Exposure, saturation, depth of field, focal length. Are you unfamiliar with some of the photography terms used in this review? Here’s our photo terminology primer to help explain what we’re talking about!


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Samsung Galaxy S7 Real Camera Review: Fewer Pixels, More Light | Pocketnow


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  1. Learning a lot thank you👍

  2. man great review I dindt know this phone can make raw

  3. I love megapickles

  4. does he have an off button

  5. Well the camera isnt like that lemme tell u that

  6. A whole 15 min video & nothing about the front camera 🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. 10:46 YIKES!

  8. Yummy yummy mega pickels

  9. What about the selfie

  10. Crazy how the Galaxy S10 is out now, yet the S7 is still amazing. I think Samsung was behind the curve up to the 4 and started to nail it with the 5 and just continued to perfect it since.

  11. "mega pickel and selfie's" 😂😂😂😂😂 nooooo😂😂😂😂

  12. you said mega pickles

  13. Every time he says megapickels I die of laughing

  14. Hahahaha Megapickles

  15. LG g5 or s7 should I buy?

  16. Pickles man 😂

  17. Does the S7 remember camera settings after shutting down the phone? For instance, i always underexpose -0,33. Do i need to change that every time or does the S7 save that permanently?

  18. fabulous phone the s7 edge

  19. I think i learned more about flowers than i did about the camera

  20. did he say MEGA-PICKELS instead of MEGA-PIXELS 0:25

  21. This is a seriously good camera review. Great work

  22. Wow this camera is actually quite bad – I'm surprised

  23. 8:48 isn't this creepy tunnel used in a low budget horror movie…can't remember the name but pretty sure about it

  24. Okay but what about the front camera?

  25. Most professional review ever. Good job

  26. awesome camera review, I wish all the reviews were like this one.

  27. Beautiful video you covered everything regarding my inquiries.

  28. Please tell me you were joking when you said mega pickles.

  29. Great video! Very informative!

  30. Till the best camera

  31. You Sir, earned a new subscriptor.

  32. was there any image stabilisation with the front camera?

  33. Samsung is not good in camera,can't catch a low ligh contrast

  34. good video

  35. hehe. "Zoom with your feet." Yep, often the best option.

  36. Sir Please which mobile purchase and best "Moto X4 or Samsung s7"

  37. I'm stuck between this phone and s6 edge plus..

  38. Oh my gosh


  39. where did you find the pen? or how can i use a soft pen for the galaxy s7 edge?

  40. And thus the megapickles were born.

  41. At 12:27 you can see massive frame drop. Is it S7 camera or something else?

  42. Yep, he did say 'mega pickles'..haha

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