Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 Review


We take the biggest tablet out there for a spin, and Josh gives you the rundown.

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  1. Using it for last 5 years and it's still the best tablet out there, samsung should get another 12.2 note tablet, it will sell like hot cake.

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  3. This tablet size are same like iPad but unfortunately other tablet they create so small. Why other android company can't make one big tablet like this? It would be cool and I like big screen

  4. Its 2019 and I have one I got it refurbished and I absolutely love it if somthing happens to this one I'd get a new one 👌 excellent tablet imo

  5. Very professional review Joshua. I like that device even now in 20018, I think I can get one for $300 like new.

  6. Is it still worth to get this? 2018 going on 2019. I just want a nice tablet to play games, watch videos etc. My bf might get it for me 🙂

  7. Can someone help me please!!!My tablet(Samsung Galaxy note pro) mysteriously power off and could not turn on again.Even though I charge it,it would not turn on but become very hot.Does anyone have any diagnosis?Email me at

  8. I have a iPad Pro 12.9,but when I seen the Samsung Galaxy s8 Pluse phone,I definitely liked the bigger screen,I hope they do it to the Samsung Tablet cause I think it will look cooler.

  9. Is this still worth buying? I haven't heard any follow-up of this series yet and what I like about this is its screen size, battery life, multi-tasking capabilities and the stylus (S Pen). Can anybody suggest a tablet (preferrably new releases) with similar features?


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