Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8 – Quick Look


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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 serves as the more premium of the Galaxy lines, bringing the S Pen and a dual camera not available on the Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 hands on:
Samsung Galaxy S8 review:

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  1. Which one has the aux port? That's my main concern and will probably be the deciding factor on which one I buy

  2. I love galaxy s8. Because I used it. And you are right it's very easy to handle. ❤️💯❤️💯❤️💯❤️

  3. You only pay for it to be called Apple when you buy Apple phones. You can get a Samsung mobile that can exactly the same for a smaller price. Just buy an Android

  4. It's weird how in these reviews, No One mentions the Shitty LOW VOLUME in these high priced tinker toys,

    Phones costing over EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS should not need you to download Volume Boosters from the playstore ( which half of them don't work )

  5. If only the Note was a tad smaller, the size of an S8 plus, then i would take it but im not sure if this will fit my pocket

  6. I preferred iPhone for years and loved it. It’s finally time for a change. Apple became even more overpriced and it’s not exiting as it was before

  7. Ugg u really cant make up my mind is the 140 extra worth it?? Im using a s6 currently but its knox tripped soo i need to upgrade and apple? Hell no

  8. Had the s8+ then I got the note 8 it is the better phone with the ram the spen and dual cameras with the 3300 mah battery I'm getting long battery life on mine but you can't go wrong with either phone


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