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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review!

Josh reviews the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Perhaps one of the best Android phones of 2014?
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  1. Using in 2020 🙂

  2. Was planning to buy it now.

  3. Is it okay to buy it now ..used one cause i can handle its price or it’s useless

  4. My big fault is
    I swap my note 4 for
    For iPhone 4s

  5. Is this phone worth £100 in 2019 for a grade A refurbished phone ?

  6. The phone I will never hate to use, If you also like t, give me a like

  7. Most convenient mobile phone

  8. Best Phone Review I've seen in my existence in YT … Subbed

  9. what about the Note 10+ ?

  10. the best ever

  11. But I have it with the software of s5

  12. I saw this video from a samsung galaxy s4 note

  13. I'm still selling these Verizon Note 4 telephones and everyone LOVES THEM .. you really need to disable the stock bloatware app trash to make sure they're fast, but they're still AWESOME..
    If you don't disable that garbage the note four is sluggish in 2019 these days, if you ask me BUT I sometimes use a four in place of my five and it is just as good as long as there's not a pile of garbage running
    I wish I knew more about installing custom roms. I've used odin before but I'm a beginner for sure.
    We've been putting these on STRAIGHT TALK and the Verizon phones use Verizon towers via straight talk. Another thing is the data is essentially unlimited as NO ONE I know has been throttled at sixty gigs!
    I used 400gb once and 300gb another time without being throttled on the fifty five dollar unlimited plan. I don't know about the forty five dollar one.. I think it may throttle you at 10gb
    Another tip I picked up is to buy the FULL KIT when renewing your plan because it is a dollar cheaper and comes with extra some and adapters.
    Many people really like the IR blaster and it's cool that they have the removable battery and memory card slots
    Some people told me they use the IR blaster at bars and hospitals (I've never tried that yet)
    One caveat is that Verizon via mvno or Verizon prepaid may not be 100% as good as Verizon post paid. It's definitely the best service possible without spending hundreds of dollars per month though as far as I'm aware
    Verizon is the only good carrier in my region so it may be different where you are. I've used my Verizon phones all over the country for years though and I've always loved their service

  14. Im still on my note 4.. removeable battery.. infra red for tv remote.. the hdmi to mhl connection so i can watch videos on my note to tv.. expandable memory card.. still great specs cpu and gpu.. the screen display.. good camera.. what else can i ask for

  15. 2019? Still using and watching this vid on my note4 😊

  16. I have purchased this phone in 2019

  17. Why am I here?

  18. My Note 4 has turned 4 years old

  19. still have the note in 2018

  20. Watching this on my note 4 in 2018 lol

  21. How much memory ram are we talking about?

  22. I got it for 20 bucks in 2018

  23. Enjoying my note 4

  24. What is the best samsung note that is not full screen??

  25. Is getting this phone still worth it in 2018?
    Edit:The reason is because I'm on a REALLY tight budget

  26. I'm switching teams. I hate huawei
    Hello Samsung!

  27. Do they still on market


  29. My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 always overheats, can it explode?..

  30. how to play offline radio in samsung galaxy note 4???

  31. I am here in 2018… note 4 is still the prettiest phone samsung have ever made

  32. what many

  33. I have the Samsung Note 4, and was having a boot loop, shut down issues, and over heating when in a case. I got a new battery, did a soft and hard reset, nothing helped until I got a wakelock app on my Note 4. I've had a smooth day of use with no shut downs or problems! If you are having similar problems the wakelock app by Darken is simply the best!!

  34. Watching on Note8

  35. Our devices haven't changed since 2014…5 years no change

  36. 2014-2018 hard to believe 4 years passed

  37. Bye iphone, hello samsung!

  38. wich galaxy not
    have 2 sim and 4g ??????

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