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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)


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The Samsung Galaxy S5 came out in 2014, so how does it hold up in 2020? Let’s find out!

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  1. 11:11

  2. I bought the Samsung note N7000(the original), very old (9 years old), yet still fun when using outdated phone. I'll find myself to custom rom on my old phone, coz usually it was stopped at 4.1.2 (jellybean os), but my phone stopped at 4.0.4 (ice cream sandwich os), doesn't support upcoming updates a lot, even some light apps aren't capable to download.

  3. The new eBay app won't work with this phone. This has been a great phone, never had any problems with it. It had a good run…

  4. One ui is not that great???wtf are you smoking??its right up there in oxygen os category with os responsiveness and overall feel..the only thing i like about one plus phone's was oxygen os and they've closed the gap on this also.

  5. My phone

  6. Old But Gold.. It can run a lot of heavy games like GTA and NOVA 3 back those days… The Galaxy Note II has an Exynos 4412 .. More better than any 2GB Ram with Snapdragon 400 🙄


  7. Who listing use 2020

  8. It's my another phone,i'm still using it now

  9. The OG note. This and the note 4 straight OGs

  10. So does still support youtube & the youtube app & facebook messenger on 4.4.2?

  11. I Got a Galaxy J3 2017 at launch when I was 7 and it was the best thing ever! I'm 9 now and still have the phone working. I dropped it down the stairs twice and it didn't crack! I'm amazed! There was alot of scratches but not a single crack. I dropped my phone lots of times by accident.(I'm clumsy) and it didn't crack. I dropped once on a hard concrete floor and then i got a crack in the corner of my phone. That's when I got the "Samsung Cloud has stopped" error so I did a software update! Android Pie.
    (Idk if you read all of this but if you did please like my comment
    I don't want to be on r/ YoungPeopleYoutube

  12. how much does it cost? I wanna have it because my zte blade zmax is boring

  13. If it can run youtube, gmail, chrome and bbc news perfectly, then its fine for me:)

  14. You need a change in your channel. Intro, content, new stuff. It’s getting pretty boring that’s why your channel isn’t growing.

  15. Best note ever !!!

  16. Wait what game is that at 5:54?

  17. I still use this phone as my burner phone

  18. Watching this on my Nokia 3010

  19. One of my first smartphones 😍

  20. i still use it

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