[ROBLOX Tutorial] – Game Teleport Script (Teleport to other Games or Places)

This time I will show you how to use TeleportService, and how you can make teleport, that teleports you to other places or games. It is surprisingly simple. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.


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  1. If you ever feel like you're wasting your time, just remember that you're not one of those people who turn notifications on to dislike youtube videos as soon as they come out.

    Anyways, Thanks for watching! I really appreciate that! 🙂

  2. i did not work

  3. Nicee

  4. when i go on the part there :Attempted to teleport

  5. does the GUI work with surface GUI, billboard GUI or only with starter GUI
    pls answer quickly

  6. I dont understand the spacing.

  7. for some reason whenever I teleport it doesnt load and it just says "roblox has shut down this server for maintenance" how do i fix this?

  8. How do I remove the delay when I touch it?

  9. he really does sound like a bot tho 0:52 0:53 0:59 1:05

  10. 0:43 I MEAN the WHOLE script

  11. Do we put in the ID of the game we want to teleport to?

  12. he sounds kind of like VeD_DeV

  13. Whenever I'm looking for scripts and stuff and I come across this guy it always just works really well and is super simple. I' never subscribed though so I'll do it now 🙂

  14. i really hope this worked with surface gui's 😛

  15. the real script because copying it doesnt load it correctly:

    local TeleportService = game:GetService("TeleportService")

    local Place = (PLACE ID HERE)


    local player = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent)

    if player then

    TeleportService:Teleport(Place, player)



  16. Can you do this with a click Detector?

  17. Like an idiot, I tried testing this in Studio.

  18. me: typing in the script
    me again: plays the game nothing works
    script: …
    Roblox: its 2020 just get one from the toolbox

  19. Really good, straight to the point, no jibberjabber! and really good rec

  20. I get this error message 16:16:13,899 – Unable to cast value to Object

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