Reebok's Secret Weapon: A History of Allen Iverson's Sneakers


Allen Iverson is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. When he was a budding NBA Star, both Reebok and Nike wanted to sign him. Why did he choose to go with Reebok over Nike? What ever happened to the massively popular Reebok Questions? In this brief sneaker history lesson we break it all down for you!


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  1. What up Fam!? Have you ever owned a pair of Reebok x Allen Iverson’s shoes? Which ones did you own!?

  2. My mom bought me and my brother a pair of the questions each when they first came out.i had the them white with the red reebok logo and the pearlized navy blue toe cap with the honeycomb on the funny how we called the cushions honeycomb back in the day.

  3. Reebok shoes are nice to have, I got like 10 pairs, Iverson's shoes are the best thing going for the company today, sales decline… no hype on reeboks

  4. As a kid I just love to Allen Iverson's attitude on and off the field. He was the first athlete to make stockings on your arm look cool

  5. Growing up my family was poor. The first pair of name brand sneakers I owned the the very first Iverson Answer. The black colorway. I still remember how beautiful of a shoe it was. I still remember the sparkles reflecting in the dmx cushioning system. Soo dope. In the 6th grade my grandmother got me the Answer IV's for back to school shopping. In black/red. The Iverson line had an impact on my life in a positive way. It gave me confidence to come out of my shell and make friends and experience an amazing childhood. Call it sappy or whatever but I fuck with Reebok til this day.

  6. Bit late but whoever said he was a ballhog is a dumbass who tf was on that 76ers in the 2000s was worth passing to

  7. Ugly shoes to be honest…if a minor star came out with these shoe/style no one would of bought this sh#t..but because of the icon/player people still jock these.

  8. My brother was a huge AI fan when I was growing up and NEEDED to get a pair of the QUESTIONS when the first came out. Beautiful baby blue!!!! I miss them.

  9. My bro had the 4s in early 2000s and I bought the Questions in like 06-07 before they shot back up in price


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