Rare PS4 Game? Got a PHYSICAL version…but was CANCELED. Get YOURS now!


Joe from Limited Run printed physical copies of this PS4 game for a special event that then got canceled. He even added a Platinum Trophy that can only be unlocked by playing the physical disk. Now he’s stuck with boxes full of the PS4 game, but here is how YOU can get your own copy!



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** DISCLAIMER: I was sent a review copy, but this is NOT a sponsored video and nobody is paying me to make it. I just thought PS4 game collectors would like to know they have an opportunity to get a copy of this game directly from the creator **

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  1. People asking why I made the video & the truth is I asked Joe if it was ok to tell the story cuz I thought it was interesting and PS4 trophy hunters would get a kick out of it. Joe didn’t tell me he only wanted to sell them in person but I’m glad he’s considering trading online to help those collectors who may like a copy. Also I’m not getting a kickback or anything like that. Sorry for the confusion & disappointment.

  2. The game is good no doubt, but shilling for a artificially rare release if a game is shitty. I'd like this to actually become a physical copy in abundance again.

  3. "reminds me of those old school NES games, where basically if you die, its your own damn fault"
    me thinking of games covered by AVGN, sure its only your own fault, not game design 😉

  4. Just got it for my Switch – literally cost me 1 cent. It's a pretty good game, better than other expensive indie games.

  5. So basically I got your game you buy all this games a pile of them and you hype it to resell them online so that’s your business it sucks I really thought you were a honest YouTuber but you just here for business and you see you can make tons of money by hyping a game you go and buy cheap games then resell and make big profit

  6. Dude I love your channel why you have to do this dude ☹️ what a disappointment smh now everything makes sense you hype the old games so you can resell them online and your friends unsubscribe what a let down

  7. For what it is worth I really respect you for leaving this video up and replying to people in a polite manner even when they are attacking you. Also, in any video you receive something for free you are always upfront about that fact and I appreciate it. You also reminded everyone twice that they could play this game digitally on different systems so I appreciate that too. I hope you keep making great videos and don't let this situation get you down.

  8. 3:10 – Slimy, but hilarious!

    Edit: Game is down to $350.00 BIN on eBay. Gol durn speculative retro gamin' market!

  9. Remember Beanie Babies? They were intentionally produced in low numbers to drive up the value. This is what Limited Run Game's business model is. They intentionally make low numbers of games because a video game automatically becomes valuable if it's rare. I'm really questioning how "rare" these Limted Run Games are, considering I can always find a fully stocked shelf of their games at Best Buy.

    Also, how many copies does Joe have of this game? You say it's rare but exactly how rare? Maybe Joe has 10,000 copies for all we know.

    The coolest rare games are the ones that are genuinely rare for some unusual reason, like Nintendo with the famous gold World Championship games. This is just a PS4 game, which could still be reprinted, not to mention the fact it's available digitally for a dollar on Switch. It looks like a mediocre game that was supposed to be released on the NES but was found as abandonware and put on modern consoles.

  10. This is very sketchy impo. You talked about Stadium Events. The difference is Stadium Events was never cancelled. This game Revenge of the bird king on PS4 was.

    I'm no business lawyer but does Sony have a right to sue due to they aren't receiving any royalties?

    How can you sell a game in the underground market you have no right to sell in the first place? Regardless of what you think Jason with all due respect you indirectly inflated the price of this game.

  11. You and Metal Jesus Crew brings me joy in my life every week.
    Keep going not for my joy but cuz u guys, are passionate bout it!
    Grretings From Brazil!

  12. Jesus! I like this vid! Screw the haters. Games like this are tough to make. It's tough out there for developers. Looks like a great retro game. I would understand if it was some HUGE triple A game or something but come on. This developer is obviously doing what he can with weird Sony red tape. He should release this on PC though…

  13. The comments on this video show how salty and jaded game fans can be. Jesus christ people, get over yourselves!

    Good Video, Jason. Keep it up!!

  14. Lmao, shill city, Trophies are on both.
    Nothing Limited about limited run, reprinting someone else's hard work, isn't impressive.
    When you need to pay someone to inflate your shitty product lmao call Jesus.

  15. I wouldn't support limited run games if they were the last physical game publisher on Earth, after the way they treated me (as if i was worthless human garbage they could, and did, spit on). Screw them. Let him be stuck with boxes and boxes.

  16. I just found it on Nintendo switch it cost only $4.99 not really much of a big deal since it’s so cheap to buy the best games would cost $59.99 not $4.99 I see why it’s not for sale in CDs it’s cause stores won’t make money selling a $4.99 game

  17. Man, I love your videos but this feels like you're just raising the price for the game. This game is also on switch for dirt cheap digitally.

  18. I dont wanna buy crap, to make money in the future, im collecting games, i want to have not the biggest collection, but the best collection, i want someone to look at my collection and say, daaaaaaaanm i miss that game, and ill be like well play it man, its right there, i like every game in my collection if i have a dud i bought it because of curiosity, i pick up black box games once and a while for cheap and im like well … its ok. but ill keep it around , i sold all my wicked expensive games when i was young, Snatcher, Wing commander 2, FF 3 (ff6) , ogre black queen (Snes) chrono trigger , Super metroid, Demons crest, Breath of fire, ect ect, i still wish i kept them but i sold them to funco land to upgrade my system,

    now im trying to rebuy all that i sold and im paying twice as much, i should have worked harder to keep those cherished games i sold, so im a consumer collector im here to buy games not sell them.

    i just read that and wow im kinda a douche, but at least im a happy douche.

  19. If you can't handle criticism and label it all as "hate" or "jealousy," you shouldn't be on this platform. This is a big problem in this day.

  20. Hey can anyone help me out?
    I paid for YouTube red so I wouldn’t have to watch ads but this one keeps coming up in my feed.

  21. This is quite disappointing. Anyone who cant attend these select event in america don't have any way to obtain this game outside of outrageous prices on ebay. Like myself you have thousands and thousands of subs over the world who are avoid PS4 collectors.


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