Pippa Funnell : Ranch Rescue (part 1) (Horse Game)


Pippa Funnell : Ranch Rescue, gameplay from this beautiful horse game released in 2007.

Lily never thought this day would change her life. The rich and treacherous banker Rud Van Guiness was going to seize her family ranch! She was also far from imagining that she would meet Grant, the famous horse whisperer, that she would save the ranch from bankruptcy by winning several riding competitions and that she would meet Liam to fight against the violent methods used by the Van Guiness clan.

Play as Lily and develop an amazing relationship with your horses in order to overthrow the Guiness clan’s plans and save your ranch.

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  1. This game might not have the best story like the other Pippa Funnell games with their mysteries, but this game by far had the best artstyle and horse animations. Still holds up compared to others!

  2. I used to play this on ps2 when I was younger but then when my sis moved she took it with her and istg if she deletes my saved world I'm gonna-

  3. Hi! Sorry, this is a pain I know, but I was wondering how you got this game to play on pc? I have it for the Nintendo Wii and I would love to try play it on my computer if I could! Thanks!

  4. Hello – I have the same exact game. I'm trying to play the game on Win10, yet the Jade.exe file gives me so much trouble. I cannot play the game, the screen (jade.exe window) keeps getting minimized. How can I get it work?

  5. One of the best horse games ever made. I still adore this game. ❤️ Thanks for posting this, it really takes me back to some good memories.

  6. hello
    Where can I download this game? Just management I see that the game is for the regular keyboard (buttons: left, right, Shift, Enter). Ie not for hookups. Where can I download this particular?


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