My Little Pony in The Sims – Episode 5 – Pinkie Pie's House Party


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In this Pony Sims Episode, I will bring you on a journey through a cycle of the sims game in this animation, featuring Pinkie Pie and her friends! The episode will carry you through the House Party (and Livin’ Large) expansion packs, where Pinkie will throw a party, prepared just for you and her friends!


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4


Episode 6 will be on Flash Sentry, featuring both Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer! Any ideas on how the episode will go?


I wish to thank you to my friends who has helped me in this parody animation project!

Deathscar / Jayden, who wrote the Script for the animation, especially in Simlish!

His script for the episode is located at this link!

Pinkie Rose who provided the voice for Pinkie Pie and Derpy Hooves!

Brittney Ackerman who provided the voice for Rainbow Dash!

Wubcakes who provided the voice for Sunset Shimmer!

GloryOfTheRainwings who provided the voice for Amethyst Star / Sparkler!

DJSmell who provided the voice for Cheese Sandwich!

BriLizy T who provided the voice for Pumpkin Cake!

PegasusPitchVA who provided the voice for Pound Cake!

Cosmic Manta who composed some of the musics!

And all my patreons!


Digital Lemonade and Sunflower Dance by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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  1. Contest guys!
    If any of you're able to spot and name the OCs in the intro, I'll promise to include your OC in the next Sims video!
    There are 33 OCs, spot and name at least 24 of them!

    First one to name 24 will have their character as a cameo on the next video!

  2. Is this a sims mod? Or did you do an animation? I used to mod sims but I wasnt good and i know its lots of work to litterally mod it. But either way, cool animation

  3. Serves you right for making Octavia cry and picking a fight with Amethyst Star, Rainbow. Maybe try to learn some emotional maturity, next time. 😛

  4. I love when Rainbow Dash implied your mom's a llama, they used a licture of Paprika from Them Fightin' Herds

  5. Every Pony when Amethyst and Rainbow fight: Oh no, they're fighting again!
    Ditzy Doo when they fight: WOO FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

  6. Hi guys I’m a friend of horses and I really wanna download this game bc I love ponies and horses and also I have sims mobile , but which sims is this belong to? Is it the sims 4 or 5 or6?

  7. I am concerned about why Derpy was talking about Nuclear science and calculations in this at the party…

  8. Of all the crazy house arrangements, the bedrooms, the phone, etc. I like how Pound sleeps on the bottom bunk but maybe it’s Pumpkin’s way of getting as close to the sky as she can.

  9. Pinkie pie: DASHIE! You scared me for a moment there I'm So happy that you- oh oooooohhhh *goes back to said "normal language"

  10. Apparently, the Sims-ian word for "Llama" is Germinht or Gerbiht, at least in the Ponyish dialect of Sims-ian…

  11. 8:56 "Your party will be the talk of the town" yeah someone died, the grim-reaper himself showed up, and then some necromancy happened…


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