My Little Pony in The Sims – Episode 4 – Carrot Top and Written Script's New Home

In this Pony Sims Episode, I will bring you on a journey through a cycle of the sims game in this animation, featuring Carrot Top and Written Script! Take a peek into their daily life as they live through another of their daily grind, Sims style!


I wish to thank you to my friends who has helped me in this parody animation project, especially:

Jayden, who wrote the Simlish Script and Item Desriptions – make sure to look at them!

Pinkie Rose who provided the voice for Carrot and Flutters

DaWillstanator who provided the voice for Written Script

Cosmic Manta who composed all the musics here

his rendition of winter wrap up!

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Episode 5 will be on Pinkie and the Cakes as they go through house party shenanigans! Any ideas? Please leave so in the comments below!


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 5


Hey there friends! Right here I believe is the time I want to clarify something, regarding why I disallow “Top Ten Pony Videos” to show footages of my animations.
Back then when my MLP-Dota 2 animation was released, Top Ten included the footage which involves ALMOST ALL of the animation, which I feel really unfair to us content creators as it means that there is no need to visit the creator’s original works.
This is why with the help of Galaxyart I talked to them if they can cut down the amount of footage; basically displaying just enough for a Top Ten list but not too much such that it feels like they just take the whole video and put it onto their list.
Unfortunately with my Age Of Empires Pony II video, this happens again. Which is why I actually asked for one final request to cut down whatever comes next in the case I do have the honour to qualify for it. However, the same case happened once again happened again with Age of Empires I Pony. And I feel that three times is just too much…

Due to this, originally I decided to pull out wholly out of Top Ten, that is I disallow my videos in Top Ten. However, me and Jhaller agreed that we could compromise, which is how it ends up today; and in the end I wish to thank JHaller for respecting my decision.


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  1. twilight:hi fluttershy
    fluttershy:hi twilght
    aj:hi everypony

  2. wait is this a game i want!

  3. I wish this was a real game

  4. Does Fluttershy not like the furniture?

  5. Anybody know how to code

  6. dang, i wish this was a real game

  7. Henceforth, whenever I cut myself, I'll be like 7:50

  8. I need that winter wrap up remix !

  9. – Эх жалко что это не мод
    – oh sorry that this is not a mod

  10. Male unicorn : Rubs horn with a very special face. Robby rotton : DON'T LET YOUR KIDS WATCH IT

  11. Please do me too

  12. Give me a link please

  13. (7:16) here's thespio with the news lol

  14. Is it just me or is the language they're speaking a weird mix of English, Russian, Japanese, and Malay? Just by the sound, not necessarily the actual words they're saying.

  15. 5 years old me : immidiently search this thing in the app store
    old me:realizing it was not an app

  16. the nostalgia this gives me, i would watch these videos for hours on repeat and now i play the sims 4 24/7

  17. As I wanted this game to focus on real, I would play every day of my life old

  18. i want this a real game..

  19. Why did this entire thing give me anxiety…??

    Oh yeah cause I hate adulting

  20. Oki guys I wanna tell u THIS how if u can get this game to play.You guys want to play this game if it real? Well I tell u. Next time I'll come and edit

  21. "They're speaking the language of the gods"

  22. I guess Written Script doesn’t want a kid 😏

  23. Is the language real, or fantasy

  24. fluttershy hits eddy in the face
    Fluttershy:It’s Your Fault that You Ruin the House!!
    Eddy and Fluttershy Argue

  25. 7:42: you want salmonella?

  26. so this is not a game

  27. All I heard was
    Sculpt a fly
    Named triva

  28. 2019 anyone?

  29. 8:43   Ski Free yeti?

  30. How about Twilight Sparkle?

  31. это движок первого симса?

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