MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MSY-JP13VF 1.0 TON 3 STAR INVERTER AC review !! Mitsubishi 1 ton AC review .


Vestar 1.5 ton ac review:

In this video, I have reviewed Mitsubishi Electric MSY-JP13VF inverter air conditioner. Mitsubishsi electric MSY-JP13VF is an one tonne AC that provides comfort cooling during heavy summer and moist areas. This AC is perfect for small to medium rooms and comes with trusted brand Mitsubishi electric. This is an inverter AC with rating of 3-Stars. The power consumption is around 1300 Watts at maximum compressor speed.

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  1. i was thinking of Mitsubishi heavy duty but after sales service of heavy is a problem ….in some cities….so i settled for Mitsubishi electric …i wanted a 5 star ac but Mitsubishi gn series was costly…….i brought this MSY-JP13VF 1 ton ac ..the 1.2 ton ac was costing me 45 to 46 thousand ..i got this for 39 thousand but i had to almost pay 40 for it no transportation so had to bear the charges……….yea you said right the cons are it takes a while to coll the room in hot summers like afternoon and no digital display on ac ,plus no left right swing option…….rest is ok….good video…….

  2. कृपया इस a.c. के remote control के बारे में विस्तार से बताएँ! mere pass bhi yhi a.c. hai.


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