Medabots AX – Metabee Version – Part 1 (HD 1080p)

Bored stiff and it’s been weeks since I uploaded any videos. Here’s a totally different GBA game I use to play way way back, it’s very intriguing and quite awesome. If you’re familiar with this anime, you’ll be sure to know this. I’m a big fan of Medabots and knows all about it. Enjoy!

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Developer: Natsume
Licensed by: Nintendo

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  1. Super Smash Bros Medabots Edition

  2. Collection apparently announced but only in japan 🙁

  3. I use to play this on my GBA now I play it on my cellphone

  4. Hello friend, I just saw this video and I wanted to know how I can download it on an Android cell phone. I lost my cassette and I wanted to remember my childhood a little, I hope you answer me and know how to download

  5. Finally found it

  6. 2020 marchhhh!!!

  7. Holy flipping shit, this is just too nostalgic… I'm sitting in bed it's 3:26 at night and I just started having random flashbacks of this game. Took me a few minutes to actually find it, but goddamn this is


  9. The dev of this game and the RPG GBA one, Imagineer, just released a New Medabots mobile game in Japan with the same combat stype as the RPG game. Its called Medabots S (Or Medarot S in Japan) I suggest giving it a try. Its a mobile gacha game tho.

  10. Memories😭😭😭

  11. This game is really fun, but the AI is extremely brutal, ruthless, and merciless towards the end. I don't know if it's just me though.

  12. Are there any games like this? All I see are smash bros clones where you fight to push people out of the screen, but where are the customization platformer brawlers where you can kill other people in PVP?

  13. Oooh, i played the Rokusho version, I never got to see most of these parts due to my brother not willing to trade 😛

  14. My childhood right here

  15. Goddangit. I remember glitching the hell out of this by starting the GBA and pulling out the game at the moment when the opening comes. ಠ‿ಠ

  16. Can we talk how crisp and high quality is the intro song of this GBA game

  17. This was my first gba game, and i loved it to this day!

  18. was this game difficult as fuck?, or its only my perception

  19. I remember being a kid and didn’t knowing you had to add attachments to the metabots and I would always lose 😂😂😂. Once I learned how to actual play, this was easily one of my favorite gba games of all time

  20. Bro I could take you down easy At this game!

  21. i remember when i got every medaforce to level 99 as a challenge 😀

  22. This game was dope in my kid year wow an it's still good wow

  23. Played this game when I was a kid. Too fun.

  24. Bruhh i had dis

  25. I miss this game


  27. Who else sang the whole song with it? 😂

  28. OML the nostalgia

  29. if you took this game's 2d beat em up combat, polished it a little and used it as the combat system for the rpg versions, i honestly believe this franchise could've at least competed with pokemon in the early 2000s when its tv show was doing well

  30. I didn't see you sprint and is part of its mobility to do it 🙁

  31. If a new Medabots game is ever made, I think it should be in a style similar to Pokken Torunament. I feel Medabots could adapt to that play style perfectly.

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