Make a JavaScript Dice Game

Make a JavaScript dice game with my beginner-friendly tutorial. This game uses vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to make a simple dice game. This is a fun and fast way to learn important JavaScript basics!!! If you have any questions, please comment so I can help you out!

This beginner-friendly JavaScript dice game tutorial includes:
♥ Generating Random Numbers
♥ Document.getElementById
♥ String Concatenation
♥ Arrays
♥ Functions
♥ images
♥ And more! Everything you need to make a JavaScript dice game!!!

Take a look at the dice game and the tutorial code at:

JavaScript Random Numbers are covered more in my JavaScript Random Number Generator Tutorial:

CSS Responsive Design:

HTML Tutorials:

JavaScript Arrays:

JavaScript Datasets (including arrays):

Title: Lost World

Dice Roll
Clap, Single, 10.wav” by InspectorJ ( of
Pop, High, A (H1).wav” by InspectorJ ( of


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  1. i have a question, i want to make a slot game.
    how do i make it so the users cannot edit the values that are given.
    and also when i visited real gambling sites when u start a game it uses a kind of popup screen. how do i recreate that ?

  2. Thanks for the video. I would love to see a follow-up to be able to keep a running tally. Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial <3

    I also like the memes!

  4. Can I say that this is an oop js game? or is it not object orientated?

  5. Hi Candy, I don't need to study this kind of topic since I know this kind of thing already, but I am impressed by your unique style of presentation. Very cool! Native Javascript is a great topic to cover I think. Best wishes.

  6. Hello, very impressive your code. I wait for next tutorial a game with React JS 🙂

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