Lollipop Chainsaw All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p HD

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Gaming Sin’s “Everything Wrong With Lollipop Chainsaw:”

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We wanted to do this game for OBVIOUS reasons, but that aside, we also heard this was a decent game. It was short and actually fun. It is extremely weird and quirky. The things the characters say are so off kilter that sometimes you can’t help but laugh. The game is one of those “so bad it’s good” games. I tried to edit it as coherently as possible, but really the game is so hectic and all over the place that it was hard to do so. In the end, if you enjoy this one, it won’t be so much for the story, but for all the crazy things the characters say and do. Enjoy! Make sure you like, comment and share!

Gameplay by Yofatdaddyyy
Edited by Knowledge

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  1. Shaun of the dead if Shaun was a blonde highschooler

  2. Badminton, bass guitar, masturbation

  3. I cannot believe I was allowed to play this when I was 6-

  4. i just had the greatest idea

    juliet starling for mk12

  5. She sounded like the voice actor of Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony (MLP)

  6. how do you perform a ritual on a decapitated head

  7. this game screams ass

  8. 9:29 that's it?! 9:32 oh son of a bitch, this thing pranked me!

  9. @3:09 Ack! No! What are you doing?! You're gonna dull the teeth!

  10. Juliet would make a nice Mortal Kombat character

  11. If it bleeds, I can kill it!

    I C O N I C

  12. If u wonder if she sounds familiar she voices twilight on my little pony and she also voices Harley Quinn

  13. Hey its Mr fitzgibbon-


  14. Nick sounds like nick from lfd kinda

  15. i know she's a bit sexualized but honestly i love her. she's badass and she owns her sexuality. iconic

  16. This……This game man…

  17. James Gunn?


  19. the fact that she still been in love with nick after he had that old guy body, true love

  20. 19:58 KILL THOSE MOTHERFU*voice crack*CKERS

  21. I wish this was a movie 😉🍿

  22. 12:35…😨😨😨…12:38…😳😳😳…WOW! Okay, that zombie voice literally sounds like an actual demon.

  23. I only played the middle of this at my friends place and I was gonna tell my mum to get this game for me, but I really don’t think she would allow this…….

  24. How am I still talking without a fucking thorax?!

  25. The girl behind the slaughter: The Game

  26. 1:15:15 ok so when I played the game and the Killabilly boss fight began I fucking SCREAMED like a spider crawled on me in the shower

  27. She sound like Harley Quinn.

  28. Why not cut off his hand?

  29. So basically this is harly quin just with zombies tho

  30. Dude my feminist sister destroyed my copy of this game.

  31. " Hobbies: kama sutra " lmao

  32. Lmfao wtf is this 💀💀

  33. Never in my life have I heard Twilight Sparkle swear. 😱

  34. One of the weirdest, most bizarre games ever.

  35. She's definately a Mary Sue!

    Killabilly is my favourite Boss villain in this game. Also, they need to remaster this game for PS4 and Nintendo Switch too! 😍

  36. Opening credits be like:
    Little Jimmy Urine

  37. Oh fuck it’s twilight… twilight, what happened!? You cheated on your boyfriend, Flash! 😤😡

  38. Why He only has his head still alive no breathing system?I really don't understand the game director.😅

  39. Domino rally reference

  40. Is that Jasper from Steven Universe?

  41. I think he's Hazel of lollipop chainsaw

  42. Is that Harley Quinn from Batman and twilight Sparkle from my little pony?

  43. Twilight Sparkle…is that you?

  44. “He’s already so sweet to never complain about my ginormous fat butt” This game is so stupid I love it

  45. Is this a survival game? Cause I made it 1:38 before I bailed out.

  46. I was watching Alice the madness returns??? This isn't Alice???

  47. What is this??

  48. 21:55 Beetlejuice that u!🤣🤣🤣
    21:57 nvm

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