Learn the Knowledge of Human Body | Discover Digestive Organs, System | Kids Game by Baby Bus


Learn the Knowledge of Human Body | Discover Digestive Organs, System | Little Prince Baby Educational Game for Kids by Baby Bus

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Eww! Little Prince is not feeling well. He needs your help! Arm yourself with knowledge of human body and digestive system and become body super hero to check his body part with Kiki! Our human body has three strong digestive helper. Do you know them? Here they come~
* Sharp teeth can does well in chewing up food for digestion.
* Powerful stomach acids can digest food and kill bad bacteria to prevent them from destroying our body.
* The small intestine helps to absorb rich nutrition to get our body strong! Hurry up! Let’s help little prince with our digestive friends.

Body Organ: Mouth&Teeth
* Know all kinds of teeth and their functions in your mouth and see how they work to chew up food!
* Little prince eats so fast that he leaves few time for Mr. Teeth to chew up food. Come and give a hand to them!
* Remove the digestive props from Mr. Teeth’s hand and smash the falling food!
* Food is falling more and more faster! You need speed up to prevent them from falling down and protect little prince’s stomach.
Tips: While eating, chew each mouthful fully before the next bite. Don’t eat so fast!

Body Organ: Stomach
* Stomach is like a big container, which is responsible for digesting food and destroying bacteria.
* Little prince eat too much to digest. Ms. Stomach is not feeling well. Let’s fight with her to digest food and eliminate bad bacteria!
* Drag Ms. Stomach to fire bullets to smash food & bacteria!
Tips: Keep on a healthy diet and don’t overeat!

Body Organ: Small Intestine
* The small intestine is like a maze that absorbs nutrition from food!
* Target at food,and build in functional turrets to digest the food!
* Different turrets have distinct functions. Let’s make full use of them to digest food!
* Collect alarm clock, and you can get extra time bonus!
Tips: Vegetables and fruits keep our body strong.

* Have a good knowledge of digestive organs and digestive system!
* Help kids cultivate a good healthy diet habit while playing games.
* Various games to choose and challenge. Have a try!

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