LaCie Porsche Design USB-C Hard Drive — TESTED & REVIEWED


If you’re like me, you can never have enough disk storage space, but the very latest generation of computers – including the 2016 and 2017 Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro – feature USB-C connectors, not Firewire, Thunderbolt or USB 3.0. LaCie has you covered with the sleek Porsche Design USB-C drive, however, in sizes ranging from 1TB to 5TB.

Tech expert and MacBook Pro owner Dave Taylor of plugs in a LaCie USB-C drive and runs it through its paces, finding it a great addition to any road warrior’s pack with its huge storage and small footprint.

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  1. I’m confused is this a Tim and Eric video or Eric Andre video hmmmmm This feels like I’m on adult swim watching a tv show with dads reviewing tech.

  2. Never again I already had TWO lacie hard disks that burned out , thanks but no thanks I can't afford to lose anry more photos.

  3. Dave, hello and thank you for taking the time, I have a LaCie Porsche Design external HD 1tb I had no problems until the HD just died. I have over 10000 pics in there that I cannot access… any idea if its possible to recuperate those pics? and how?

  4. very informative video. I was wondering is there a way to save files on an external hard drive and be able to use them on both a Mac and a pc without formatting the drive?

  5. "Sure, it packs an extra convenience factor in the form of USB-C, but it should be noted that the Porsche Design Mobile is still limited to USB 3.0 speeds."

  6. All Lacie porsche premium drive is all garbage not even 7200 only 5200-5900 drives inside lacie porsche drives lol

  7. hey was wondering if I would get (noticeably) faster data transfer speeds if I would buy/use this unit with my new MBP (usb-c to usb-c cable), compared to using a new usb 3.0 external disk and use a usb to usb-c adapter to plug into my MBP?

  8. That 5GB file copy was around 70MB/s. How can you say it's pretty speedy? This is the slowest USB 3 drive available on the market today. It's even slower than a 4-year-old $50 drive I had in a drawer.

  9. Just a titbit you didnt cover, it comes with 2 cables in the box usb C to usb C and usb C to usb A (3.0).
    Can also be formatted to either to run on either PC (NFTS), Mac (HFS+) or both (exFAT) with its inbuilt software.

    Great video keep it up.

  10. Cool video, quick question. Can you use it as your main drive for your programs or software ( music and video editing ) ? Or is it just a back-up data drive?


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