King & Slave – Free Game: Gameplay Review First Look Walkthrough [Mac  Store]


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What’s new?
– Online Game Mode
– Play with Facebook account
– In game chat system
– Most common game rule among different countries

All of these, give to you for FREE!!
However, we encourage you to buy more credit with a new feature In-App purchase on Mac OS 10.7 Lion. By doing this, you mean to help us maintain the server and keep the game updated!!

In-App Purchase
– 30K Credits .. $0.99
– 80K Credits .. $1.99
– 150K Credit .. $2.99
– 200K Credit .. $3.99

#What is it?
“King & Slave” is a shedding card game played with a standard 52-card pack. The game also known in many names in different countries, such as President, Slave, Dai Hin Min, Big Two, Zhen Shangyou, and Tien Len etc.

#How to play?
The objective of the game is to get rid of all the cards in player’s hand as fast as possible by playing progressively stronger cards than the previous player’s card. The winner is called the “King”, “Queen”, “People”, and the last person is called “Slave”. In that following round, winners can exchange their one or more unnecessary cards for advantageous ones that losers have. The gameplay is very easy, which you can learned as you play.

#Online Mode
Players bet credit in each game round
The player that makes 5 King Continual wins a prize (Credits)
This prize get higher every round

– Easy gameplay, you can learned as you play.
– Easy drag and drop control
– 3 modes Quick Play, Tournament, and Online Mode
– Play online mode with Facebook account
– In-App Purchases
– In game chat system
– Great graphic, and nice animation
– iTunes playing background music support


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