I Restored This 2$ Ebay Junk Game Boy Color – Retro Console Restoration & Repair

After a while of searching I was able to find bad enough Game Boy for my restoration videos only for $2. Usually I have to pay a little extra for the worst items. The console was sold as junk and for spares but pretty much everything except the speaker is broken. The mother board doesn’t power on. The shell is badly yellowed. Stickers are in terrible condition and the screen is badly burned. I will try to restore this fully rather than use it as spares for easier projects because I’d still have to fix most of the parts. The Gameboy T-shirt is no longer available. It was limited time only.

I started the restoration by trying to get the power on. First I tried to clean corroded the contacts but that was no use. The power switch was working fine which meant the board was bad. Luckily I was able to find the broken part with a second GB color I have. The connection from one battery terminal had broken quite near the terminal I soldered a wire between the spots that were supposed to have a connection and it worked. This might not always work because it might leave something out of the circuit.
The corroded terminal was hard to clean while it was on the board so I desoldered it and removed the corrosion with rust remover, after which it was plated with nickel. Nickel will protect it from corrosion to certain extent. Nickel plating tutorial:

Now that I had power I could fix the screen. To fix “screen burn” I need to remove the burn polarizing filter and replace It with a new one. A sharp blade can be used to get the start but after that the filter will peel off by hand. Some of the glue will stay on the screen. I removed it with Isopropyl alcohol. All glue must be removed or the new polarizing filter will have bubbles. When putting a new polarizing filter on one must figure out which way the polarizing filter works best on the screen. It will only work at a certain angle.

I also removed the yellowing from the plastic shell which was supposed to be colorless. For this I used the same retrobrighting method as always. H2O2 and UV-light. Full tutorial here:

Thanks for watching my video!

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