I Ordered Refurbished Game Systems From Nintendo…And This Is What They Sent Me

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After checking some of Gamestop’s refurbished game systems I decided to order some refurbished systems straight from Nintendo. Some of the different consoles and handhelds they have on their site are fairly cheap compared to buying new, but what kind of condition do they come in?

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  1. Wish it told us why it was refurbished

  2. Someone tried to flash hackchi to the classic edition and bricked it

  3. uses a hammer to open the box

  4. I just got a “Premium” refurbished New 2DS XL pokeball edition from GameStop that came a week late even though I payed for a earlier delivery, nonetheless it came all scratched on the back and sides, the stylus was bitten and I tried emailing GameStop and it’s been 3 weeks later and no response, oh yeah and the charger came from a third party, PDP I think.. so yea that sucked.

  5. When you ran out of budget for a knife and you have to open the box with a hammer

  6. Okay, funny thing I recently discovered.

    To premise, my brother got me a New 2DS XL refurbished from Nintendo themselves for Christmas over a year ago. Well, cut to a few days ago, when I finally put some Homebrew on it through SteelHax, and during the installation of that, I was noticing a lot of weird crap on the SD card. Well, I get my Homebrew working, and I discover someone else's Homebrew apps on there! Namely, a port of Doom, a GBA emulator(which I wanted to get eventually anyway), and some type of mods for what I believe are Paper Mario Sticker Star and Ocarina of Time 3D, along with some other things.

    So yeah, TLDR: My 2DS from Nintendo had Homebrew apps left on it.

  7. I regret straying from nintendo in my 20s. Im coming back slowly…but more retro than anything

  8. He really did opened the box with a hammer.

  9. @5:00
    probably a return yep wow good deal steal

  10. I got a new 3ds gold Zelda edition refurbished from their site, and the packaging/condition was just like this. Practically brand new with everything else the console came with

  11. Watching this right after buying a new 2ds xl pokeball edition for about 54$ lol!

  12. it's amazing to actually buy something for that cheap, in my country a refurbished new 3ds xl is 240-270 US dollars and if I try to buy it to import the taxes make 120 US$ turn into almost the same price in here, so unfornately I can't buy it with my pay unless I save for many many months(just for the console, the games are hella expensive too so it's not something everyone working can buy with 2-3 months of work)

  13. I would imagine Nintendo doesn’t refurbish the systems themselves. They may have one of their two or three US repair centers do the refurbs.

  14. If anyone knows where I can find a genuine nintendo gamecube memory card or two, lmk. Thinking about trying ebay. All the ones on amazon are counterfeits

  15. My god man, do you not own a knife? lol I wanna see you use a lamp to open your next package, haha. Please

  16. Nintendo Refurbished Site link is no longer accessible or is it region lock?

  17. Everything on that store is overpriced. lmao

  18. you appear to be an expert on refurb consoles. (as well as other things obvioulsy.) i have a switch and new 2dsxl on my nintendo account. both linked. i initially wanted a new 3dsxl but could not find new anywhere in the newest design. i have found refurbished ones on amazon as refurbished by them. since i can only link on DS console on my account i really want it to be the 3ds, but i am concerned by the refurbished part. any insight from anyone would be appreciated.

  19. what a bummer that i can't buy any of these because it is america/canada only … i wish someone would ship a purple 2ds to me …

  20. So glad I came across this video, i habe been wanting a nes but they were all way over priced, until i saw this.

  21. Neat idea. However, Nintendo currently seems to have no product for sale. Everything I clicked on in their refurbished shop returned a 404 error.

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