How to set up a Gamecube in a car!

Hey guys! Today I am showing you how to set up your nintendo console in a car. I hope you enjoy!

In a car: 2:39 Outside of a car: 0:51

power supply for car:

video cord:

composite to aux in:


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  1. Thank u so muchhhh

  2. Hey display do you use?

  3. You just got a subscriber

  4. 0:51

  5. Just put one in mine 😉

  6. Your actually the best person alive.

  7. This is good! I agree with Radical Larry saying this is good for people who go to tournaments! It is a good idea for those people who play in the big league Super Smash Bros Melee tourneys.

  8. This is actually pretty cool


  10. I’m confused:(

  11. What car is this

  12. What did you plug the dvd player in your car??

  13. Name of your portable DVD player?

  14. I don't have this kind of socket for the cable in my car and my home.I need adaptor????

  15. This is pretty useful for people who go to tournaments

  16. Nice Idea! 🙂 👍

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