HOT WHEELS BEAT THAT GAME Hot Wheels Drift King 24/ Rapid Transit / MS T Suzuka | New Track Sets!


HOT WHEELS BEAT THAT GAME Hot Wheels Drift King 24/ Rapid Transit / MS T Suzuka | New Track Sets!

Put the pedal to the metal and show off your racing skills in “Hot Wheels: Beat That!” Speed, Power, Performance, and Attitude are what determines success here. Choose your car, grab the wheel, and let her rip! Then challenge your friends to “BEAT THAT!” 30 cars authentically modeled directly from Hot Wheels design specs. 12 pulse-pounding tracks and 4 battle arenas. Stunt action with high-flying jumps and high-speed drifting. 5 competitive modes: Race, Eliminator, Rampage, Tournament, and Battle. Collect competitive weaponry as power-ups. Physics-based racing with visible vehicle damage and amazing wipe-outs.

Hot Wheels: Beat That! puts you in control of a tiny toy car and gives you the ability to race around a handful of tracks, competing against other like-minded toys. The only thing that gives this game any personality at all is the fact that the cars are indeed among the pint-sized variety, and there are a number of weapons and devices to employ during a race. That’s the only interesting thing that can be said about Beat That!, because all the other game elements are extremely standard. Everything from the gameplay to the race tracks completely lacks evidence of inspirational design.


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  1. Four Hot Wheels games in PS2 are superior compared to any of their releases in any other consoles for the last decade.

    Those are Velocity X, World Race, Stunt Track Challenge and Beat That!… and they better remake them in either PS5 or mobiles!

  2. queria baixar o pack de musicas de cada uma das pistas que nem o de video game ate fica mais divertido

  3. They legit need to make Hot Wheels Beat That 2 and have the original Beat That cars in it with some new favs or something like that

  4. Este juego me encanta!.. alguien sabe cómo tenerlo en android?!..

    I love this game! .. does anyone know how to have it on android?! ..


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