Garage Sale Hunting: $10 Playstation 3, XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii Video Games and More


Join M as he heads out for his 8th garage sale hunt of 2019.

This week M finds a $10 Playstation 3, some cool video games for under $2.00 each for the Xbox 360 and for the Nintendo Wii and more.

Check out the last week’s yard sale hunt by clicking on the link below:

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  1. So, you buy a mogwai at a yard sale, but yard sale stuff should always be cleaned before coming into the home…but you can't get a mogwai wet…how does this work? lol

  2. Yeah I had a rough one last weekend. 3 hours, no finds. And I saw every flea market dealer I know out and about. Ya win some, ya lose some. Nice work finding some stuff out there!

  3. M you had some great purchases this week. I love the transformers mask and that gizmo. In the end I would have grab the wii sports and wii party. They always trade in for good cash. You should have took all the wii games and offered a buck a piece and use them as trade bait. I respect that you gave $15 for those games. The xbox remotes always trade in for good trade criedt. I picked up a bunch of ps3 and ps4 remotes last week for 2 bucks a piece would have been epic if you got the xbox 360 remotes for that price. This week I posted a trade vlog so all the cheap games I got yard sailing I traded in for good quality games.

  4. That Bumblebee mask and blaster for 2$ was an amazing deal! Those were quite expensive in stores, (well maybe not THAT expensive!), those would certainly work well on a display. There was one game I noticed, I played it on the Wii and it's Need For Speed: ProStreet, compared to other Need for Speed games I played, this one was probably the weakest, not the best of the series, I don't know if you have it for your Wii, but Need for Speed: Nitro was actually a pretty cool game, and also Need For Speed: Most Wanted was one I loved very much, nice haul BTW!

  5. "M" Strikes again! Great garage hunt video! Good call skipping the damaged PS3, nice bargain on the video games! Out standing deal for the Bumbblebee helmet and blaster. You've had a good morning! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience!

  6. 1. No bright light
    2. Don’t get him Wet
    3. Don’t feed him after midnight.

    I absolutely loved Gremlins as a kid. Gizmo was so cute and I would get upset when the other Gremlins would pick on him.

    For 3$ that was a nice deal.

    Oh and that random box of toys in the beginning of the hunt you pulled out of the box a rmulti colored puzzle. That was called the magic Snake. I had one that was black and white. You can turn it i to a sphere and other geometric shapes. Nice nostalgia there for me.

    Once again a nice smooth video with great audio as well.

    Thanks for sharing my friend 👍

  7. Nice, don’t think you missed anything good, as for toys that mask at $2 was the best deal 🤔
    Great video M 👍🏽✌🏽

  8. Another awesome video! Gizmo was your best pickup for sure. He’s awesome and super clean as well. Some other good finds too. Good Wii games! Happy hunting!

  9. Another great toy hunt brother! I may surprise you, but my favorite find this time is the big gizmo for nostalgia sake lol I definitely would have picked him up too. Keep rocking on my friend! m/

  10. Great hin and pick ups brother, the bee mask was a nice find. And the 3 rules for the Mogwai were
    1- No bright light
    2- Don’t get them wet
    3- NEVER feed them after Midnight 😱

    Thanks for sharing this vid bro, have a good one 🤘

  11. GREAT FINDS TRANSFORMERS AND VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 It's incredible what treasures are found at yard sales. 😀 Keep on being amazing, Double Thumb's Up. ;D

  12. Awesome video, really like the bumblebee helmet for a display. If I got it cheap enough I would probably do custom things paint/weathering job on it.👍

  13. i have never seen theta ship bot before except in the cartoon form. Man, you really do find the deals. that lego batman is a good game. Wait ..they still make gremlins stuff Nice BB costume stuff, did the electronics work in them?


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