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Want to learn more about the Galaxy S5 Active? Check out our full written review at Pocketnow: /2014/06/18/galaxy-s5-active-review ‎

CORRECTION: We state in the video that the Activity Zone doesn’t provide the ability for third-party apps to plug in. As our full written review makes clear, that’s not the case. Pocketnow regrets the error.

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Galaxy S5 Active Review: Sturdy, but not “Everything-Proof” | Pocketnow



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  1. Almost everyone i know told me how ugly the phone looked.
    It is my favorite phone of all times. I loved it. I used it so rough, for entire 2 years, I threw it at people to or hit to defend myself, stick it to a rod and take a video of a water tank inside.
    I had 3 batteries and 1 external charger at home and another at work. Almost NEVER ran out of battery, Id game, video call, listen to music, use google maps all day, everywhere. I took it to many states in the US, to Germany, to Netherlands, Turkey. at the beaches Id bury it in the sand to hide it from being stolen XD or just keep it in my pocket while swimming. Make calls in the sea. But it finally succumb to my abuse. It was like a bad break up.

  2. It's trash. Just look at the seal on the back cover and tell me this is a "rugged phone". The seal is a little thicker than a human hair, which doesn't matter because the battery and back cover come off the phone if you drop it 6 inches.
    My new s5 active lasted 1 week. A wet bathing suit pocket killed it.

    This phone is great as long as you don't drop it or get it wet. There are $40 phones that aren't sold as "rugged" that are a lot tougher than this. I had my Kyocera for 2 years and s

  3. wow, surprised about the negative reviews. I'm STILL using this phone after over 2 years. the battery is starting to die now, hanging on until the s8 active. this phone has been under water, dropped probably over 500 times, usually on concrete and asphalt. it survived 2 years in the army, been through every environment possible. packed with mud, grit, been submerged… never used a screen protector, and the screen has never scratched or chipped. best phone I've ever had, and has lasted longer. I'm afraid of the new active, hopefully they fixed the easily scratched screen of the s7 active

  4. Yeah I have one, watching this on it right now. Everytime I drop it without the case on it, the back cover falls off and the battery comes out. It's not dust proof either, battery life sucks, the screen has a twitch, and if you punch it hard enough it reboots and doesn't read the Sim card. Talk about false advertising

  5. I had this phone for about a year and I loved it and I recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S7 active. I miss this phone tbh, I loved it a lot. Especially the removable battery unlike the one I use now. life goes on, lol.

  6. Construction worker/farmer/outdoors person here. Would the Active be a better option than a standard S5 or even a Note 4 with an Otterbox Defender? Even with the ratings of the Active, I'd feel a whole lot more comfortable with my phone in a case, and I've had trouble finding an Otterbox for it. My old phone, an S3 with a Defender case, has survived all kinds of abuse, notably a 20' drop onto concrete while building a pole barn. As a matter of fact, most of the "rugged" things the Active is built for are tasks I do every week, so I might just be pushing the limits of an otherwise unprotected phone. Will the Active be as tough, or should I look for another phone and put a Defender around it?

  7. My s6 active broke by dropping it on the kitchen floor. It was only four months old. I would not recommend this phone to anyone

  8. It's over a year and it still performs like a new phone. No lag whatsoever. THE BIGGEST DANGER TO SMARTPHONES IS NOT PHYSICAL!

    I have borrowed the S5 Active because BOTH my Notes 4 & then 2 bricked within a month: hacked SIM card. I stupidly put the card back into my perfect old classic Note 2. It died. In just the same fashion as the Note 4.

    Now I need to get on the phone and get myself a Note 4 for a few months until I can get the Note 6.

    These phones are all physically tough; but watch your security settings and make sure your phone is always clean and fast. Eliminate weirdo apps you don't need. And NEVER put either a SIM (carrier cooperated) or the SD from the bricked phone and put either one in the clean one!

    Jump in; the water's fine. It's the people ya gotta watch out for.

  9. I have the galaxy s5 Active becuz i do contruction ,and the harrash environment conditions, it unclipped from pocket im short ,it fell 2 ft with a protective case on it and the screen cracked, why do they do all these tests supposedly, !?? And claim all kinda stuff to sell it. Well if ATT /samsung claims this then they should back up replacement of part ect. But they want me to use my insurance . Which i would have to decuctible ,not right is it

  10. I have had my Galaxy S5 Active for 18 months. I have dropped it a couple of times and it has been rained on at least once. The problems that I am experiencing are the battery/phone gets crazy hot with use. I have had the battery replaced twice — but still the same problem. Also, the screen is more often than not unresponsive and many times I am unable to answer phone calls, check e-mails etc. While ATT&T have been extremely gracious and helpful, I'm afraid that a new phone is in order in just 18 months.

  11. I have a galaxy s5 active. I've had it for a little over a year and the plastic covering around the sides is breaking off piece by piece


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