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Too lazy to do the timeline, but the passwords for the levels are below and if you wanna see one you can drag the cursor, hopefully youtube wont shit itself when you do it

Level 01: Ground Zero — FRHBMCTNTK
Level 02: The Tunnel — LHTSPMFRGS
Level 03: Times Square — NGLFFPTTFP
Level 04: Stranglehold Bridge — SHPPNRVWGB
Level 05: Bonus Level — MRFFCRTKP
Level 06: Heartland — LPGCVBBJCF
Level 07: Lake Shore Drive — GLWHJCRNLK
Level 08: State Street — KMKJTMHRNS
Level 09: Bonus Level — FLWWFCWNRK
Level 10: Armageddon Highway — WSMBCPVRWS
Level 11: Area 51 — CGJWVRGLNM
Level 12: Fremont Street — KVVLHFHWTB
Level 13: Bonus Level — FCLPJRWTMP
Level 14: Crimson Gate — TMFNJMKJGF
Level 15: Warf — PPJLJHRCVV
Level 16: Bonus Level — LNKNSWKGTH
Level 17: Q-Zone — WMNRSMRTR

Cheat Codes
Cheat Code All gangs (Campaign mode) LTSLTSGNGS
All weapons PLVRZM
Invincibility MSTSRVV
Invisibility CRSTLCLR
Plague of Frogs FRGZ
Psychedelic view HVRL
Storm Ravens gang WMNRSMRTR
Story mode CDPLT
Toads replace Queen Lords TDZ – this ones lulz
Unlimited ammunition LTSFBLLTS
Unlimited lives LVFRVR
Trippy mode CNCTHRTM

BATTLETANX is a wild tank-based shoot-¿em-up for Nintendo 64. This top-down shooter takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where humanity is on the verge of extinction thanks to a virus that eliminated most of the female population. Huge gangs now rule the world with force and intolerance. Play as a lone soldier who sets out to save the world from these marauding misfits. Throughout the game you’ll use three different tanks, each with its own capabilities. Collect power-ups to get even more bang for your buck. BATTLETANX has 15 levels based in five different American cities: Washington, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles. Each of the locales is represented with a beautiful palette of colors that depict the explosive action in bright, vibrant tones. Save your progress through the missions with a password save function.


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  1. January 1, 2020
    A purposely released virus is unleashed in china by their government and the satanic leaders of this world. The goal. A new world order. The disease is named corona virus in celebration of their awaited man of lawlessness. The beast. The Lord God Jesus Christ will come and destroy the beast.

  2. the one thing i could never figure out was getting the turret to turn. There were times that i played and it was somehow unlocked but majority of the time the turret was locked.

  3. oh man. you would never want to forget. That feeling of waking on an early Saturday morning back in 2006. Turning on your fat Box TV, you're greeted with a pleasing sound of war drums, and metalish Guitar's, and a kill beat.

  4. I remember me and my friend new a glitch to where if you had over 100 missile powerups, you can spam a button on the controller and all 100+ missiles would shoot out none stop. Another was with the mini gun turents. Resizing them into huge ones. And put them all over the place

  5. I wish they remade this game for the new gen consoles but re-make it a little different so the originators won't say they copied this game. Just like there is different war games now a days just like there is different zombie games all made by DIFFERENT companies. Sure this game can be re-made but there has to be a will for it to be done!.

  6. Fond memories. Me and my sister would play multiplayer. It got to the point where she would cry if I killed her or stole the head of the queen in her castle. She cried so much my mom, a leftist liberal at the time, wouldn’t allow me to kill or steal her queen. We would spend time collecting power ups, setting up as many bots around the map and playing house. Good times indeed…

  7. Damn the theme music gave me chills lol remember intense games with my cousins and uncle, setting up our camp and someone coming thru with a nuke and clearing out all my gun buddies lol wow

  8. Daaaaaaaamn! I remember this game, sucks that I never finished it. If any store is selling it, I definitely want to buy it.

  9. I remember I went to Hollywood Video or Blockbuster at the time to pick this game up. Honestly it was so fun with my little brother and I playing Co-op and just having fun!

  10. Dude is this supposed to be a playthrough or a speed run, because I swear it’s like you were in a hurry to finish the game, not to mention you skip all the friggin cutscenes. Do you actually understand what a play through is my guy? The whole point of looking up a play through is to watch someone playthrough the ENTIRETY of it, not just skip ahead to finish it as quickly as possible.

    Also, if you think you might be killed, why grab every power up at once? That’s just plain stupid honestly, but considering your skill, or lack thereof, I can’t say I’m surprised.

  11. So everyone is going to ignore that the AI is allowed to pass through objects? Okay… (I still have this game, it’s amazing!!)


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