Forced To Play Bubble Bear | Rising Tides Expansion | LoR Game | Legends of Runeterra


Twitch chat made me build a Bubble Bear deck.

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  1. Yo swim Bubble Bear is playable in combination with Noxus and the blood arch type, he has a decent HP pool, gets alot of buffs through Nocus Cards and they can always engage in combat with good midrange stats. I would wait for the Vlad Decks buff. And Bilgewater would be a fun support for Vladimir Decks. Bubble Bear doesn't has to be played as 3 off, but 2 off is fine.

  2. I honestly lost it when there was a donator saying "now u need counterfeit copies so you can have 15 bears".

  3. 1:52 I dont know what he took a bite of there, but to me it looked like a chicken tender or a big AF fishstick

  4. You just assumed that guy was saying your his favorite streamer.. maybe he likes pinkward.. or heaven forbid hes a dragon lord fanboy

  5. if you are looking to lose weight, the most important thing is a good sleep schedule. proper sleep is the core of all bodily functions

  6. I got you guys. This might play a little better. It's on Mobalytics if you search Bubblebear. Cheers.


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