Forced To Play Bubble Bear | Rising Tides Expansion | LoR Game | Legends of Runeterra

Twitch chat made me build a Bubble Bear deck.

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Flagship nào nghe nhạc "BÁ" nhất?

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  1. Twitch chat made me do it.
    No deck list for this meme. Save yourselves.

  2. I’m sad that he doesn’t realize it’s not the weight it’s the hair

  3. bublebear stand alone is actually genius after the stand alone nerf
    there needs to be an update

  4. People like him cause he is gooey and all people like goo

  5. what do you mean Philippines is south of china? Philippines IS part of china

  6. Hit like if your filipino——-pinoy ako mga boss


  7. It’s an AXOLOTL! That makes it GLORIOUS!

  8. Yo swim Bubble Bear is playable in combination with Noxus and the blood arch type, he has a decent HP pool, gets alot of buffs through Nocus Cards and they can always engage in combat with good midrange stats. I would wait for the Vlad Decks buff. And Bilgewater would be a fun support for Vladimir Decks. Bubble Bear doesn't has to be played as 3 off, but 2 off is fine.

  9. Sad indonesian noises i guess we didn't exist huh

  10. *Munches on food while making the weight loss jokes*
    bro, just @ me

  11. Swim: I can't lose weight
    Also swim: Eats fried chicken

  12. "I've been watching my weight, I've been dieting armmm nomm nomm nomm " 😂😂😂😂

  13. Singapore is not part of Malaysia anymore m8


  15. Now we need a bubble-bear/snapevine deck

  16. Congrats for 100kn

  17. I honestly lost it when there was a donator saying "now u need counterfeit copies so you can have 15 bears".

  18. 1:52 I dont know what he took a bite of there, but to me it looked like a chicken tender or a big AF fishstick

  19. I like how he eats something while he is talking about losing weight. No hate just funny to me.

  20. Taiwan is right next to China and far away from the four other countries you mentioned.

  21. You just assumed that guy was saying your his favorite streamer.. maybe he likes pinkward.. or heaven forbid hes a dragon lord fanboy

  22. if you are looking to lose weight, the most important thing is a good sleep schedule. proper sleep is the core of all bodily functions

  23. I got you guys. This might play a little better. It's on Mobalytics if you search Bubblebear. Cheers.

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