Ep. 1: Window – Sparky Engine (How To Make a Game Engine)

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In this video:
– How to make a game engine
– Planning the initial steps of developing a game engine
– Starting the Sparky rendering engine
– Downloading and setting up GLFW
– Creating an OpenGL window using GLFW in C++


Steam Group:


Outro music is by Approaching Nirvana:


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  1. When Cherno do videos on Hazel Game Engine Series, I watch Sparky and add all his features to my engine 😀

  2. I love how C++ is so popular in the game engine world that you don't even have to mention its C++

  3. did is possible making that game engines only with c# without c++?

  4. i clicked on this video cause i thought he had no shirt on
    turns out it's just a pale shirt 🙁


  6. how do you grab a line of code and move it with keyboard only like you do?

  7. Im gonna also create my own game engine as I don't like the Unity updates (the multiplayer networking option doesn't even exist right now).

  8. are you an epic gamer?

  9. Thank you Starlord!

  10. This is what most JavaScript developers should be watching.

  11. I have problem with line number 7 this line:

    std::cout << "Error" << std::end1;

    ther error is:

    namespace "std" has no member "end1" Error code E0135
    pls HELP!

  12. Hi, this is most likely late (obviously) but if someone stumbles around this, my include doesn't work for some reason, I've looked through all of the directories and it just didnt work

  13. Hope this is ok to comment here but if anyone’s in need of music for a game they are working on I’m currently looking to work on a project. Thanks for the upload!

  14. hey i own my very new scripting language D++

  15. Ok, minute 1:49, I paused the video to post this. Please make this video what I've been looking for. I am no game developer, I just want to give to my 10 year old self what he wanted 28 years ago, create a game from scratch, no unity, no game maker, pure and simple lines of code. I want to cry because a bug shows up and I cannot fix it, and cry again when I fix it. I want to make a game for the sake of it, not just to see it being played by me or someone else. I want to know that I build it one line of code at the time.
    And of course, if you are going to not build a game from scratch I will go through the whole video any way! thank you!

  16. can anyone help me with this error member graphics window closed() may not be redefined?

  17. You look like Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy lol

  18. You inspired me to try this on my own, thanks man !!!

  19. Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State

    Error (active) E1696 cannot open source file "GLFW/glfw3.h" Lynux-core C:UsersMicrobitDocumentsVISUAL STUDIOSLynuxLynux-coremain.cpp 1


  20. Isnt inline default when defining a function in class? like why specify it at 40:30? BTW awesome video man!

  21. Just jumps in to c++
    Doesn't understand a f*ck of what he's doing
    watches a crap load of tutorials
    comes back 1 month later

    "nah rather turn that into a macro"

  22. I cant see anything on the screen only blue background set with glClearColor

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