Eaten Alive by Spiders! – Last Year: Chapter 1 Afterdark | Live Gameplay

The gang faces a giant nightmare fueled Spider in Last Year: The Nightmare. Can the classmates work together or will they be devoured by the fangs of the beast!

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Hello fellow Gamer. This you should watch me. I play game. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you watch me, I’m hot. Videos, they’ll be better… The Let’s Play view is the right thing to do YouTube, so do.

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  1. 24:00 He's just standing there……..MENACINGLY!

  2. How many times do you have to kill them to stay dead?

  3. Gotta love watching the survivors go all Losers Club against the killer

  4. 3:17 🤣 Oh how quickly that turned

  5. 15:50 – Jeremy the Monster! ("Don't Kill Me!" ~ Jeremy)
    23:11 – Saving Jack for Last! ("Jack, what's your plan here?" ~ Michael)
    34:38 – Boom goes the Strangler! ("I DID!" ~ Lindsay)

  6. Seeing a spider walking in while saying I can open doors is profoundly horrifying.

  7. At this point. Jeremy has to be free advertisement for ERB with the amount of times he just starts going off with any number of their rap battles. XD

  8. Looking for Last Year game play. Clicked video. Ears bleeding. LetsPlay = Everyone yelling into microphone at once

  9. I would not be able to play this…I am horrified by spiders…Ugh…x.x"

  10. 17:10 I love the thought of a killer in a slasher movie taking someone out, then immediately getting jumped and beaten by the rest of the survivors

  11. Fiona's famous last words: "idk what i'm doing" "idk the game" "idk whats going on" "idk idk"
    Idk why you're still on AH lol

  12. Micheal makes this series so much better, provides the comic relief.🤣

  13. Fiona is the reason I'll never make it through no nut November

  14. Just want this in xbox

  15. This was great! You guys should absolutely play this again! I love that there’s actual strategy and you can kill the killer

  16. Is that so hard to stop make spiders as evil vicious monsters?

  17. Geoff is back! and not a sound board this time

  18. anybody else need Jeremy as spider getting thrashed AH Animated?

  19. I swear, I've watched Jack's "Oh God. OoOH GOD! Oh WHY! NOOOoooo!" at 11:16 about 100 times now and it's just getting funnier.

  20. *Friend*: Why are you afraid of spiders? They are smaller than you!
    *Me*: Yeah, so is a bullet….

  21. Michael being like "WELCOME TO THE LOSER'S CLUB, ASSHOLE!"

  22. In case anyone was interested, Lindsay sent Jeremy at least 768 “meows”, possibly up to 1049 (it got hard to track the number of lines as Jeremy was scrolling).

  23. my arachnophobia: no
    me:………ummm maybe?
    my arachnophobia:….. NO.
    me:…….but it's AH…

  24. I saw the poll for cleaning the AH office. I didn't vote because I wanted an option for "Make Gavin clean it by himself… at gunpoint if necessary."

  25. Y’all need to get ERB on this is like the 3rd time y’all have referenced them

  26. Jeremy singing ERB always makes me happy for some reason

  27. I would love to see more of this game

  28. I'm pretty sure that's a female spider due to the ability for it to give birth.

  29. Casual white hate, cool….

  30. It's just annoying to watch a party of five, two of who's members are Fiona "what's a keyboard" and Lindsay "what's a videogame"… Watching people who lack the most basic understanding of how the game which they're playing works is not entertaining, it's just upsetting.

  31. Man jeremys second game as the killer really cracked me up it made it look like a horror for the killer

  32. I think what annoyed me the most about this one is that Lindsay was being so effective with her gadgets. The flamethrower absolutely DESTROYED Ryan, and people were yelling at her to do other things. Like, she was so much more effective at stopping him than anyone gave her credit for, and nobody even recognized it.

  33. Need a Psychic-type? Wynaut Zoidberg?


  35. 46:59 another horror game where Geoff joins in and get everybody killed

  36. 54:58 scared the absolute shit out of me coz I fully expected him to be there and he wasn't. it was like losing visual on a spider you're trying to kill. that horror of not knowing where the fuck it went.

  37. 15:50

  38. Geoff <3

  39. 35:29 Jack only speaks in metaphors

  40. 26:51 Jeremy starts quoting Epic Rap Battles of History
    from 26:51 he's doing Bob Ross Vs. Pablo Picasso

    at about 27:00 him and Lindsay are quoting Elvis Presley Vs. Michael Jackson

  41. The game play was the literal definition of my nightmares

  42. Michael in the beginning screaming "BEAT HIS ASS!" Haha 🤣🤣

  43. Jeremy got the shit beat out of him as the spider

  44. 16:30 Jeremy fucked up by going toe to toe with middle-school Mogar

  45. 26:51 Jeremy just gonna start singing ERB huh. Amazing

  46. Ok, so tips for it you want to play this again. You can destroy the little nests the little spiders come out of. They will eventually respawn, but it gives you a breather from them for a bit. You shouldn't usually try to fight the monster unless you're trying to help someone or distract it, though if it's close to death you can just try to kill it. You want to try and get objectives done pretty quickly because you never know what bumps might come in the road, but you shouldn't start the end thing until you have everyone or time's running out. It gives you more of a chance to escape because there's more people there to help each other/distract the killer. You should try and cover blind spots, because if you look around a corner the killer can't spawn there and has to find somewhere further, giving you more time to do stuff. Also, the scout is a pretty complicated but important person to play. First, something you guys already know, they can blind the monster. But, they can also use their little screen to see if it's green, which indicates that the monster has spawned in, or if the line is big, which indicates that it's nearby. Then you can also see where the traps are so you can avoid them. So it's pretty useful but complicated for people that just don't know about it. And you should try and rescue your friends whenever you can, though I'm sure that's obvious. I think that's about it. Oh, I almost forgot that there is a comeback mechanic where if there is one person left alive and they open a door to rescue, TWO people will come out of it instead of one so you have more of a chance of winning.

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