DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THIS WII GAME? | Drawing with uDraw Studio for the Wii


Mini storytime! The other night I’d planned to binge all of the Harry Potter movies but convieniently Order of the Pheonix was missing, so I scoured the depths of my various DVD locations and instead- I FOUND THIS GAME!! I’ve never seen anyone talk about this game vefore so I thought it would be fun to give it a whirl!!

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  1. Hey ya'll- first thing I wanna say is i got no idea how through hours of exprting I failed to realize the intro is infact UPSIDE DOWN So sorry about that lol. This does get fixed immediately following the intro I promise. Aside from that I hope ya'll enjoyed this weeks video- if you did don't forget to like, subscribe, and check out the links in the description where you can see some of my other stuff!! Also- LET ME KNOW IF YOU REMEMBER THIS GAME!!! If it weren't for me holding it in my hands I'd think it was a fever dream.

  2. Pro tips, you can undo and redo actions with the + & – buttons and zoom in and out with the up and down buttons on the dpad.


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